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Affiliate Management With us

The relationship between advertiser, publisher and customer lies at the bottom of affiliate marketing.

Run on a system of referrals and rewards per reference basis, it is online advertisement of a kind in which an affiliate works to send a business, customers through references. The visitor that is referred performs a certain action for the business which could be clicking of a link to subscribing to a website, availing a service or purchasing a product or anything of the company’s interest. This form of marketing is great for business generation as they are all leads and not stray visitors to a website.
Affiliate marketing campaigns work best when practiced with SEO and Per-Per-Pick services. Add a couple of more marketing techniques like email marketing and the results are profound. The combined discipline is practicable in all industries like retail, tourism, hospitality, medical and more.
Our job involves helping businesses boost up their volumes of sales. Our attempts are geared towards developing a successful relationship with the affiliate parties. It is not about sending a bunch of links your way. We plan it meticulously so that the visitors sent yield industry-standard results. The network we create for our clients are through trusted pages that support successful conversion of high quality traffic.
Affiliate marketing is a great support option for companies that are suffering a sales slackening. Working on commission values, we make sure your affiliates put in as much effort as is necessary to yield the best results for your business.
We start with investigating about the company profile, the brand in question, its response in the market in order to fashion a way to outdo the competitors. With our technical expertise and experience in the industry, we manage to connect businesses with networks and verticals through publishers that bring business.
We understand that a lot of affiliate marketing depends on the kind of relationship the parties share. So, we make sure all is smooth between the affiliate and the first parties. We look into if payments are cleared, instructions are shared and updates are made from time to time to ensure a mutually balanced relationship.