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Company online presence analysis and audit

A successful digital strategy is based on a correct analytics set-up of your website and your business.

Complete company analysis

An annual report of all the ongoing and completed projects undertaken for the marketing division of a business is the best reference one can have for a complete understanding of the company’s standings. The audit must include miscellany information about the campaigns it has launched, their successes and failures, the present market position and more.
Auditing is basically intended to measure all results and identify all flaws the existing marketing campaigns currently have. Based on the study, the agents working against uninterrupted implementation of the plans are identified and a counter-measure for the rectification of the same is adopted. The recommendations listed in the audit report helps business analysts to get their heads around all those minute factors that cleave into a trend in the industry. In support of the problems identified, strategies can then be framed for correction of the issues. Your business’s current position in relation to your competitors along with all the on-field information contains invaluable promptings about the future strategies that you need to conceive.
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We believe in developing a comfortable zone for our clients so that a mutually beneficial relationship can be developed through transparent communication. Aside being in correspondence with our clients, we also put into use tried and tested methods and tools into action that have yielded accurately in the past. At the end, we present our report with all the details of the inputs, outputs and throughputs in digestible form and sequential formatting for our clients to get a solid grasp of our method of work and their ROI.

Ongoing performance strategy

The reports include everything about the current projects on the run and how their performances can be tuned up through modification of the strategies exercised.

Projects optimizing behavior

Enterprise technology is what we use to optimize the behavior of all our projects so that they meet all the objectives to the maximum extent and magnitude.
Effective Web Development Solutions
Our analytics are all real time so that your company personnel can learn as they go. Our auditing service includes in-page analytics, content auditing, market research and analysis, customer auditing, persona building and influencer analysis. All these contain valuable matter that serves as the informatics for a successful strategy. Some mentionable features of our analytics and audits are custom filters, project tracking, automated tasks, assisted conversions, altering objective routes and traffic flow.