10 Services Google No Longer Provides

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October 8, 2018 was the date when Google announced its plan to discontinue Google+ in 2019. Reason behind was exposure of users’ personal information to the hands of hackers.

Despite its global name & fame for services such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and Google Maps, Google+ is not the only feature that will see its end. On the note, you may be feeling curious to know what other project from Google’s kitty are gone. Feed your eagerness to know about them by continuing reading below…


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Already stated above, Google+ is going through the phase of being shutdown. The platform was founded in the mid of 2011 to act as a contender to other reputed mediums, such as Facebook. However, it couldn’t succeed in impressing the users and owing to its security issues, things turned against further. But Google has plans to continue the enterprise version for business oriented users. Security and better features would be worked upon.


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Born in 2002, it was known as Google’s desktop photo editing tool. Picasa enabled users to manage and store their photos on the desktops. Moreover, it allowed them to make some edits to their photos in a simple way. It went away in 2016 and opened gates for Google Photos to enter. This online service was packed with options to organize & manage digital images.

Google Reader

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Google introduced its RSS reader in the year 2005 to allow users access their desired online content in a single location. The application was well-received by the users and earned a strong following. In 2013, Google realized that people like reading news little at a time throughout the day and not once at a time. Also, it felt that though millions of users depend on it, RSS feed was not getting expected usage to justify its role.

Google Talk

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Launched in 2005, Google Talk acted as an immediate messaging system for users for 8 years. It allowed users to interact through text as well as voice, due to which it gained popularity. The platform was such a success that Google planned to replace it using a feature-loaded and improved program – Google Hangouts.


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Discovered in 2005 was Google Personalized Homepage, which was later renamed to iGoogle. It enabled users to add elements as per their choice to the page to customize it according to their requirements and preferences. Popularity of homepage was such that it was used in 20% of the Google searches by 7 million+ people. But in the year 2013, iGoogle was closed because its usage was no longer needed.

Google Notebook

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It was launched in 2006 and allowed users to create notes and save links of websites in the program to be used later. Though it was free and online-centred, the program retired in 2012 to give space to better and improved programs such as Google Keep and Evernote to evolve.

Google Wave

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Born in 2010, the application had a short life span of just 2 years and went away in 2012. It combined a number of uses that ranged from instant messaging to blogging, document collaboration, email and more. Its complicated and confusing nature stopped it from tasting popularity. End result – Google Wave’s ended without any replacement.

Google Video

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Before YouTube, Google created Google Video. Its video streaming service allowed uses to upload videos for public and gave an easy-to-use place to host videos without worrying about shortage of storage on their own websites. In 2006, when Google acquired YouTube, Google Video was axed.

Google Buzz

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To enter social media, Google came forward with Google Buzz in the year 2010. The program was integrated with email and served users with instant messaging & social media elements. Also, users were able to share videos as well as posts with their email contacts. Unfortunately, Google Buzz reached its end, as it was slightly confusing for the people.

Google Answers

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It was an attempt to provide detailed and correct answers to the people regarding their questions. Users were meant to put a question along with the amount they were interested to pay for its answer. Providing the answer was to be done by the researchers. Sadly, the program never became a sensation and thus, came to its end.

These not-so successful projects and applications have never stopped Google from achieving milestones in other fields. Stay tuned with the multinational technology company, as it can surprise anytime with something truly unique & exceptional in its own way. However, if you are looking forward for any sort of search engine optimization services, connect to us.

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