3 Ways Cohesive Social Media Strategy Boosts SEO

  • August 10, 2017
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There has been a lot of discussion about how social media marketing affects SEO. Ample time is invested in concluding whether social profiles and posts create positive impact on organic search rankings and visibility.

If we talk about a fact that’s undeniable, it’s that social media strategy (paid and organic) is necessary to improve the rankings along with overall search visibility over time.

Take a look at three fruitful ways to include social media in SEO campaigns and drive desired results.


1. Social Media Marketing Is The Way To Brand Building

Buying process is time taking, especially if the buyers make decisions on service-based offerings or products that are high-ticket. These consumers and customers research online and are very particular about it.

Making the social brand stand out requires various factors in social media campaign. Being careful about strategy is a good way to support the SEO efforts.

Few things to improve are:

Identity and brand design that supports the brand intent.
Creating a community of advocates by engaging them in content and contests.
Messaging related to the brand in order to support the brand promise and target language.
Establishing an ongoing commitment of brand content creation and delivery.


2. Social Profiles Appear in Organic Search Results


There are times on Google, when people look up other people’s names instead of companies. Are you sure your LinkedIn profile shows up first? If yes, researches will click on your profile. However, if they see that your profile is unused with missing information, they will go back to Google or find other company for their business. Hence, it can be said that social pages, both corporate as well as those for the local stores are quite important.


What to do?


Ensure having a complete and full current profile for each and every social channel where the brand is present. This refers to updating photos, contact details, imagery, videos, ongoing varied content and calls to action.

Reputation of you and your company can be traced back to search queries. In other words, if you successfully manage comments and interact with your followers and fans, you can build good reputation on social media. This will lead to increase in the shares of your content, help you get new followers and assist in generating click backs to your site. All this will eventually benefit SEO.

Make sure your social profile settings are set for success. Also, understand how each channel works.

Be clear whether or not you want others to post on your timeline. If you do, message needs to be monitored and managed.

If you are a retailer and have multiple locations, make sure to use the location function on YouTube or Facebook. Talking about Pinterest, make sure to have the right Boards or Playlists that suit your SEO strategy.


3. Social Networks Have Search Engines


As most of us are business professionals, let’s consider LinkedIn. Have you ever reviewed your stats and checked how LinkedIn members discovered your profile? It is useful to know that over 50 percent of views come from LinkedIn’s search tool.

Take out time to think how well you have optimized the LinkedIn profile. Do you know that your skills and well the related keywords bring in the visibility of your profile in LinkedIn search?

One thing you can do is reviewing your profile. Also, assess your skills and associated keywords across each section, be it summary, headline, experience or anything. Optimizing the profile for targeted searches is also something that should be done. When people view the social profile or company’s profile again & again, they without a doubt, visit the business website.

Last but not the least, if you have done the best of on-site SEO, they will definitely return or share your site pages which will then better the SEO rank.

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