5 Interesting Ways To Get Improved Conversions With Interactive Content

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Effective website has no meaning without engaging content. Websites which are considered to be powerful marketing tool promote conversions of leads with careful use of SEO services for any business. Also, websites necessarily need to have interactive and engaging content. Many E-commerce businesses have shared their experiences of trying all actions related to content like writing a blog, publishing an e-book and more but nothing turned conversions in their favor. Can you tell what may have gone wrong?

Interactive content marketing is answer to all your queries as ultimate goal of attracting more number of prospects and retaining them as loyal customers can be achieved with this one vast term. When swaying web traffic towards your website is not your only look out but you want augmented conversions, count on interactive charts, quizzes and more. Your hopes should be high for 81% of marketers believe that interactive content catches more attention than its static counterpart.

Why Invest Your Time And Resources In Interactive Content?

Before you get well-versed with how to implement interactive content in your favor, it is worth going through the ways it complements your business.

1.Adds Splash Of Creativity

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Those who want to give a fresh and creative appearance to their websites can give a break to static visuals and replace them with interactive content which provides a step-by-step and unique approach to design thus, creating more scope for getting creative.

2.Increases Your Audience Base

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Interactive content is captivating and engaging to all as it addresses the inner-child instinct hidden in every person. Clicking on a shiny button to get awarded and to get reward point for scoring high in quiz leaves the prospect with a sense of satisfaction and hence, they get persuaded and you see more users enrolling themselves.

3.Higher SEO Ranking

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Flipping to the other side of digital content which is SEO, you will see it also gets amply benefited with interactive content marketing campaigns. Differentiating your content from that of competition comes easy with introduction of interactive content.

5 Elements To Win The Interactive Content Game

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When you know that click rate interactive content gets is 50% higher than the static content, you need to understand the rules to play the game. Let us see how you can make optimum use of flash and approachable nature of interactive visual in your site and web pages.

Throw Quizzes – Ace marketers believe that when you convert your content into game you are likely to win in your intentions. There will be hardly anyone who do not associates quiz with childhood. Creating quiz is not difficult and moreover, it is 25 percent more effective in getting conversions than the plain post. Nevertheless, there are few points to remember to get the quiz right, such as:

  • Giving a catchy title to it- Unless there is a catchy title attached nobody is likely to click the play or start button.
  • Pick questions carefully- Since you cannot exceed the number beyond 9, make sure you handpick the quiz questions diligently.
  • Make it promotional- When we say promotional, it has two meanings to it. First, the takers should find it interesting enough that they share it with others and second, make the quiz searchable as when you make it SEO friendly, it attracts even more leads and conversions.

Integrate Info graphics and Charts

Present figures and statistics in interesting and digestible way to people and they appreciate it. Give it a twist with inculcating interactivity in the plain numbers and statistics and it will allure visitors to click the content even if they are not interested or understand the percentages and figures. The idea is to create charts and info graphics that are appealing enough to gain the gaze of uninterested parties.

Add Interactive Video Materials

It might not be a well-explored formula but recent trends see interactive videos associating closely. Interactive videos are hitting high on popularity charts, especially after Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch. These kinds of interactive movies are not only highly indulging in nature but also they encourage repeat viewing which leads to ascended conversions.

Create Surveys And Polls

Besides creating awareness about your brand, surveys and polls are intellectual means of understanding what customers think of your business. Collecting their opinions and working on them clear your way of assessing the efficacy of your marketing campaigns. There should be no room left for any biasness in surveys you run. To reach out to the maximum number of audiences you should speak in their language itself. Ask straight forward questions and keep it crisp as unnecessary extension of surveys might result in lost interest of prospects.

Run A Contest On Social Media Platform

Social media platforms are generally seen as place to reboot yourself with warmth and fun. Make optimal use of this amazing opportunity to unleash the hidden secrets people may want to share in a fun way. Activities like contests trigger interest of people to have fun and hence they spend their time in playing such contests. Your job is easy, to get clicks you have to encourage the contestants to click, comment or tag, which all means more clicks and conversions for your business.

The Crux

Challenging the customers is important and useful, however, you need to do it carefully. If they don’t come to you, you can reach over to them deploying local SEO services and with funny and interactive content. What you should never forget is using content to obtain data and further using data to generate business.

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