5 SEO Myths You Must Stop Believing

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Search engine optimization or SEO is one very important tool that helps a website gain global visibility along with online recognition. Without it, a website can’t make it in the search results no matter how beautiful its design is. However, SEO has its own set of rules and needs to be done in the right way. Remember, while an appropriate SEO boosts ranking, incorrect SEO drops the rank.

There are certain ways to take best benefits from search engine optimization. Many businesses take help from internet and implement every tactic they read. Make sure not to do this as every information is not accurate and may even compel Google to punish you if your strategies to improve the rank goes against Google’s norms.

Check out 5 crucial pieces of advice that are must to avoid:

  • The more the keywords the better the rankings

Absolutely false! There’s no truth to it and avoid giving this myth an ear. This is because flooding the content with keywords harms the rankings and the site gets banned from the search engines. Bad SEO techniques often lead to serious consequences from Goggle algorithms like Panda, Pigeon, Penguin, etc. Content overstuffed with keywords is marked as spam by Google’s spiders. Moreover, it is ignored by the readers as nobody wants to read content with the same words repeated throughout.

keywords the better the rankings

  • Social media is irrelevant

Don’t ever dare to underestimate the power of social media. When it comes to promote a website or content and take up the SEO ranking, nothing is as helpful as social media. The only thing you need to keep in mind is not posting backlinks to the posts and blogs repeatedly. To improve visibility, enhance SEO rankings and get the needed exposure, use social media efficiently in the right way.

Social Media is Irrelevant

  • Hi-speed internet is not needed for a blog

Blogs are an effective medium to promote content, pull audience crowd and improve SEO and visibility. Posting fresh, organic, informative and interesting content related to the products, services and the website itself, improve rankings in long run. Wondering what this has to do with your internet’s speed? Well, slow internet leads to slow loading of page which is something readers hate. Need not say that success of blog depends on the number of viewers and if they find it boring, it will take them not even a second to leave. Therefore, make sure not to test patience of audience and give them a fast blog to enjoy.

Hi-speed internet

  • Using the same keyword again & again is fine

Well, unfortunately no, it is not! Using the same keyword more than once hurts the rankings and act as a hurdle in improving the rankings. Already said, Google updates its algorithm regularly and if you use a keyword again & again, your site will be punished and its rank on search engines will sink. A good approach here is posting quality content and using long tail keywords. Doing so will keep you away from using the same keyword repeatedly.

same keyword again

  • Fresh content is not a necessity

One of the most terrible things to believe! Fresh and updated content is very much important not only for better rank but it is mentioned on Google’s preferred list of approaches as well. It has been seen that some people don’t change the content but change the date only. If you think this is a smart approach and you can easily go with it, don’t forget Google is far more intelligent than you. Panda and Penguin algorithms won’t let you fool them. Instead, they will slap you hard with some real punishment.

Fresh content

The real words of wisdom

Internet is one of the most reliable sources everyone depends upon these days. However, not every detail given there is accurate and meant to trust. It’s not that everything given there is wrong but not everything is appropriate as well. To utilize the full potential of SEO, talk to professionals, hire the experts and do things the right way.

real words of wisdom

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