5 Ways To Check That Your Website Is SEO Friendly

  • May 18, 2017
  • SEO
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SEO friendly website

Search Engine Optimization, SEO, is transforming into an art. The SEO experts are in a race of putting their clients up on the list. Often people wonder, what is SEO?

SEO is a set of methods, implication of strategies and tactics that helps to increase visitors on a site resulted by improving rank of that site on search engines such as Google search, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

In times of digital business, the competition gets tougher as the platform is equal for everyone. The smart way earns sales and money. If you contact your web developer before a SEO expert, then your site might get a boost in beginning but that doesn’t last for long due to the dynamic nature of search engines.

Despite, all the techniques discussed here, the key player of a website or page is the “Content.” Nothing attracts a reader to a page more like good quality content. Also, by updating the content regularly, search engines keep those websites in active box and hence, affecting their ranking.

To be a Sherlock Holmes for your website’s SEO status, keep knowledge on following:


URL is mainly the path to a page, or say, an address to find a page. The clever use of URLs done by SEO experts is by customizing them.

For example: If www.example.com and www.exampleofseo.com are available for an SEO information website, then latter is more likely to get traffic. The reason being it gives an idea to the user about the content of the website.

Similarly, the permalinks are underestimated for their roles in SEO-friendly website development. Standard permalinks are less likely to get attention due to their weak readability. Let’s state an example; a page might have a URL like

This clearly impacts latter’s ranking to be better as search engine takes cues from domain and permalinks. Hence, make sure no page on your website is dead because of this simple reason.


The basis of search is keywords and phrases. A web surfer types a set of words to get the information from internet. Now, the search engine modifies its index that lists only the websites that contain those set of words. However, relevant a blog would be but it might not make it to high rank index due to its lack of apt keywords. URL, heading, sub-heading and content should have keywords which attract traffic on your website.
It requires a hearty research on keywords before content development. This SEO technique is easy to be used by a beginner as well by using Moz Keyword Explorer, Google AdWords, Keyword Planner Tool, Google Trends, Microsoft Bing Ads Intelligence, etc.


A sitemap is a categorical listing of all the contents on a website. This essential method keeps all the articles linked to the website making them eligible for ranking on search engines. A XML Sitemap is a systematic coding of all the directories and their sub-directories.

A robot.txt is a text file included by coders to communicate with web crawlers and robots to tell which files are available for indexing and which are not to be accessed.

To check you websites robot.txt type www followed by your website’s domain name and “/robot.txt” at last.
Example: www.example.com/robot.txt

Note: robot.txt should remain in main directory else the crawlers won’t be able to find it.


Media surely adds to the eye-pleasing factor but also needs a lot of policing. Web crawlers will skip a page that takes loading time due to large files attached it. This hugely impacts on the ranking on search engines because users tend to juggle between other “easy-options”.

Apart from size of file, the “Alt-text” is equally important because web crawlers and robots only read text not media. For them the page developed using just adobe-flash is empty. By including alt-text with a media file, it gives the idea to web crawlers about the page and improves its ranking.


Title tags are those headlines, which are visible on the search page of a search engine. It is followed by a description below called meta description. This method is a secondary way to improve your ranking. Mainly, it boosts the website traffic as it gives an insight of what’s in the store. Make sure your title tag and meta description chants about the content to draw users to the websites.

Meanwhile, one must keep a good check on linking structure of a website making sure no dead ends are present, as the web crawlers do not recognize unlinked pages. While, this sector has a lot to take care of but this ensures a high return from the work done.

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