8 Adverse Social Media Mistakes Committed By Businesses

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Social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter offer exciting and unique opportunities to successfully reach the potential customers. No matter a business is startup or established when it comes to the present day marketing landscape, social media rules like anything. Being vital to the increasing awareness for the products and services, it is important to step out the right foot and ensure not risking losing the audience base.

First impression is always the last impression

So true! When talking about business, first impression is highly powerful, quick and of course, enduring. Therefore, it is required to do everything that’s possible to make an impressive image right at the first time. Though it is possible to alter the first impression, avoiding making mistakes in the first place is cherry on the cake.

Taking this important discussion forward, let us talk about 8 social media marketing mistakes that should be avoided. With these mistakes in your mind, you can ensure your business goes towards profitability and productivity. Here we go…

  1. Not Having A Social Media Strategy

Businesses that lack well-defined social media strategy are unable to deliver influential and effective messages to the audience. Hence, communication remains misaligned and unclear. It is important to have goals that can be measured, publication calendar, unique voice and meaningful social media policy. If these essentials are not there, you will do nothing but post without thinking and reduce your brand capital. With the help of clearly defined social media strategy, offering purposeful, rich, informative and engaging content is quite easy.

Social Media Strategy

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  1. Accounts On Too Many Social Media Platforms

It may surprise but it is suggested to avoid signing up on every social media platform. Remember to avoid your presence everywhere when you have just started the business. If we talk about small business, mastering one platform like a pro is quite easy and rewarding. It is useful to know creating profiles on every social media network such as Instagram, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Slideshare, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Vine, Vimeo and Snapchat and posting anything & everything will make you look like you have no idea what actually you are doing. Moreover, ending up doing nothing and creating mess everywhere makes things even worse. As a result, you only loose trust of your audience, which is harmful for your company’s reputation.

Social Media Platform

  1. Paying For Followers

Quantity is nothing if it lacks quality. Keep this thing in mind to focus on creating genuine customer relationships. Making thousands of followers along with social proof takes ample time and efforts. Talking about paid followers, it does nothing and leads to nasty public reaction. Imagine your real admirers and followers finding out you have purchased social media followers. What will it lead to? What will it signify about your honesty? Well, doing so will spoil your image and brand’s reputation will suffer drastically.

Paying For Followers

  1. Bragging About Your Brand More Than Anything

If a company’s social media profile contains nothing besides an infinite stream of its content only, it is losing majority of opportunities. Though it is good to promote the products & services, it is required to share content that is relevant to the industry type but not authored by the business. Following 5-3-2 model for social sharing is a good approach to expand customer base.

For instance, if you aim at publishing 10 social media posts every week, follow the below given format:

  • 5 posts that are relative content from others
  • 3 posts with content by you and relevant to the audience
  • 2 posts that are fun, personal and humanize the business

Bragging About Your Brand

  1. Improper Use Of Hashtags

Hashtags when used in social media marketing help in giving a business the needed visibility. However, it is important to be careful with them. It has been observed that a number of businesses use irrelevant hashtags such as #but, #it, #of, etc.  Remember, such tags are useless and annoying. Therefore, go for the ones that are relevant and communicate what you really want to communicate to the followers.

Importance of Hashtags

  1. Sharing Too Much In Short Span Of Time

Publishing posts one after the other within minutes or hours annoys the prospects and followers. Instead of this, the strategy should be sharing posts consistently spreading them systematically to avoid spamming and overwhelming the followers. This is important else followers will unfollow and won’t come back ever.

Short Span Of Time

  1. Ignoring Proofreading

Have you ever saw a Facebook post with misspelled words? Or have you ever come across a tweet that has punctuation missing? Remember, spelling and grammar error can affect all the progress done and lead to hamper the credibility. Even a single letter is enough to ruin it all. Therefore, it is advised to proofread your work before posting. Though it is challenging but is an important element of creating a positive impact on the audience.


  1. Not Being Social On Social Media

It is a natural fact that people who use social media channels expect businesses to be responsive. This is because active companies seem friendly and approachable to the audience. Hence, if you respond to viewers comments, it creates intimacy and trust between you and the customers.

Social Media

These are the 8 extremely powerful social media mistakes a number of businesses make. Refrain from them to move closer to your target customers and give your business the visibility you aim at. Gear up now and don’t let silly mistakes ruin your success and online reputation.

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