8 Promising Social Media Platforms For Flourishing Business Marketing

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Social media has emerged as the game changer in everything that is available around us. With social channels getting popular day by day, targeting potential customers has become easier and fruitful than ever. Though technology has blessed humans with many benefits, social media is one of the best discoveries ever. Apart from making communication effective, it also helps in marketing directly to those who we want to target.

Every business has its own way of targeting its customers. However, the smartest ones make sure tracking every activity of people they want to collaborate with. This includes:

  • Identifying the interest areas of the customers
  • Following their actions or moves
  • Keeping an eye on what they look most forward to

With a clear picture of all these parameters, these companies guide their clients how they can grow and expand their reach according to the best needs of their profile.

Talking about the best features of social media marketing, the first thing that tops the list is the low barrier entry. In other words, the game of funds. Earlier, it was necessary to spend huge bucks on order to advertise a brand’s products or services. However, social media has eliminated this hurdle fright from its root and one can easily reach their people by spending much less.

To make impact on these platforms, it is good to know which networks are actually the best for business world. Moreover, it is also required to know how they work. Keeping these concerns in mind, below is the list of 8 very popular and promising platforms that are best for marketing a business and gaining new clients:

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Instagram
  5. Pinterest
  6. YouTube
  7. Yelp
  8. Google Plus

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Let’s know more about each of these social sites to discover how they are different and useful in their own way.

  1. Facebook

With billions of users in its kitty, Facebook is the largest blend of demographics of any social channel. This website is popular in every corner of the world and people of every age swear by it.  This channel is one of the exceptional mediums for every business to connect with promising customers. Talking about advertising, it is simplest and easiest one in terms of managing the targets. To utilize its best benefits, Facebook Ads are quite helpful as they match current customers with millions of prospects who have characteristics that gel with a business.

Facebook Marketing

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  1. Twitter

Twitter differs from other platforms in its ability to make the posts go viral. The more a post is shared and retweeted, the more followers one can gain. Posting updates, articles and latest news needs to be the strategy of every business. Other important thing that goes best here is use of hash tags. Keep an eye on the relevant and trending hash tags, include them in the posts and you are all set to create a momentum for everything you post. To increase opportunities of getting valuable following, retweeting those who already have many followers is a good approach.

Twitter Marketing

  1. LinkedIn

For those who belong to B2B field, LinkedIn is the social media to focus upon. This is because this is the easiest platform to connect with business professionals from any industry as here you can target them by job title, industry, etc. LinkedIn Groups are extremely helpful to reap maximum profits. Businesses must create Groups in your target industry and invite others belong to your target market to join.

Linkedin Marketing

  1. Instagram

This is the best network when it comes to photo-sharing at tradeshows and events. A good way to drive profit out of this platform is offering incentives or profitable deals to attendees of a company’s event and asking them to post photos with company’s hashtag. Giving raffle or free giveaway to the participants is also a good approach.

Instagram Marketing

  1. Pinterest

Pinterest should be used only when the images are really worth sharing. Owing to its visual nature, quality images go viral instantly here. Images pinned by highly-followed members are capable of getting views by millions of audience. Needles to say, this site is wonderful to promote products. A good way to boost sales is posting the products along with the link from where customers can buy them.


  1. YouTube

This is the second largest search engine. Talking about search engine optimization or SEO, videos appear in the search results as compared to other websites. As it is owned by Google, Google Hangouts On Air can be easily used to conduct interviews with powerful people or industry leaders. This way, it is easy to get the interview or anything automatically posted to YouTube under the company’s account. This is quite beneficial for exceptional visibility.

Video Marketing

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  1. Yelp

Yelp is a bit critical as compared to other mediums. A single poor review can harm a company’s image. Yelp is critical for businesses today. Asking the customers to review a business here is helpful to prevent negative reviews from affecting in any way.


  1. Google Plus

Now this is that social network that can’t be ignored. Though not as much popular as Facebook and Twitter, Google plus has the ability to affect the search engine rankings in a good way. To get the best of this platform, you need to follow some simple yet powerful ways. Some of them are listed below:

  • Authorship: A great way to get the business picture nest to the listings in the search results.
  • Relationship marketing: Use Google Hangouts to connect to your fans and know more about them.
  • Driving traffic: Share news and content about your business by creating your Google Plus profile. It won’t be wrong to say that it is a easy and simple way to pull potential traffic to a business.

Google Plus

These are the 8 very profitable social platforms that are popular in the corporate world. Deciding which among these are the suitable options for a business is a careful decision. Rule to abide by here is understanding that it is not only the social network that needs to be checks but also the compatibility it has for the business. Take out enough time, ponder upon every aspect and opt for the social media channels that have the ability to market your business to new heights.

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