Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) : Are you aware of It?

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Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

One of the most important revolutionary changes in the world of technology is AMP or in other words, Accelerated Mobile Pages. Based on the concept of increasing the web speed, this latest discovery by Google looks quite promising with a flourishing future.

What exactly is AMP?

AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a sort of framework that instantly loads the web pages. Every reader can now easily read online content irrespective of the data network. Though this is going to benefit all, but its main advantages will be enjoyed by the publishers. Unlike other frameworks available, AMP is fast and helps the users avail the best of online services from their preferred websites. Accelerated mobile pages consist of three main elements:

AMP HTML: It is similar to basic HTML. Distinguishing feature about AMP HTML is that it comes with better performance that helps build useful & informative content.
AMP JS: It ensures fast availability of HTML pages.
Google AMP Cache: It provides AMP HTML pages.

AMP, a Treat to WordPress users

If you are used to opening WordPress pages on your mobile, its slow loading speed must have killed your patience many times. With Accelerated Mobile Pages WordPress, this problem will never bother you again. AMP framework delivers the web pages at a better speed, and makes sure to avoid displaying useless ads. If you are a regular user of WordPress, you can now read the blogs or other content at a super-fast speed. Not only for the readers, this is also profitable to the owners of WP websites, as they can easily engage more traffic.

How AMP pages load instantly?

This question might have popped up in your mind till now and you must be going all way for the answer. Well, you will be glad to know that not one but there are multiple reasons which boost the speed of web pages. Some of the most prominent ones are:

• AMP prioritize resource loading
• Makes sure CSS are size-bound and inline
• Only asynchronous scripts are allowed
• Runs GPU-accelerated animations
• Forbids extension mechanisms from blocking performance
• All resources are sized statically
• Third-party JavaScripts are kept out of the critical path

How AMP is beneficial for SEO?

AMP is all about cutting down the loading time and SEO helps making the content accessible and rank high in the search engine. Ever wondered what will happen if both these outstanding features come together? Marvellous, yes, this is what to expect from the results. Engagement with SEO specialists will provide you opportunities to join the list of top ranked user websites. While AMP will make sure your services and content are quickly available to all, proportionate usage of SEO can help getting recognized over the web in minimum time.

Among all the factors responsible for a website’s success, designing is undoubtedly a major one. Though a number of designing companies offer some of the very appealing services, it is always good to settle for the professional website design firm. Before looking at the services your website offers, customers always notice the look & feel of your page. To attract the target traffic, never compromise with the design of your website.

Majority of the reader traffic is seen on mobile these days. Hence, to divert the attention of more and more visitors to your site, going the AMP is definitely a smart approach.

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