Apply These 10 Secret Techniques To Improve Effective Facebook Ads

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Social media is undoubtedly an integral part of lives of a huge section of world population. As of March 2019, Facebook has 2.38 billion monthly active users and also Facebook is home to 1.56 billion daily active users. Facebook users include CEOs, college students, professionals, homemakers and the companies. When the whole community is there why should not your business take proper leverage to connect with them?

Many organizations hesitate in investing their time and resources in Facebook advertising campaigns. They have their doubts whether Facebook advertising is effective or not. This post will elaborate different kinds of Facebook ads in action and the methods to deploy for making these ads work for a positive return on investment.

What Experts Say About Success Of Facebook Advertising?

Different companies may have different opinions about usefulness of Facebook advertising. This largely depends on the success their social media advertising campaigns get. Marketing connoisseurs opine that optimization of the ad campaigns according to the changes in the market trends lay a strong foundation for witnessing success.

The best part of investing in FB ads is they do not necessarily need big budgets. This is possibly why more and more small businesses are approaching social media agencies to formulate a business specific advertising campaign for them. This platform with the vast user base provides opportunity to businesses to reach their target market. Nevertheless, it is crucial to ascertain how your posts can be published before the right consumers at the right time. Every successful social media strategy addresses this concern properly.

Experts also emphasize the need to understand the target audience, as the better you know them, easier it gets to develop right campaign for them. They suggest businesses to know the background of their customers and what engages them the most in order to trigger the purchase.

Marketers understand that there is a hairline difference between being pushy for a sale and catering to the needs of the customers. If a marketing campaign is designed understanding customer requirements, your efforts get paid off as they automatically boost customer engagement that ceases loyalty of customer with your brand.

Don’t worry about sales as the positive result will come to your business resonating soon.

Types Of Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising helps your business in finding the potential customers. Businesses which doubt the power of Facebook ads can test the water themselves. As it is always recommended to take an educated decision, we have streamlined various kinds of Facebook ads prevalent these days.

Different companies have different objectives behind running the advertising campaign so you should first define your goals and expectations from the campaign in pipeline. Also, it depends on a business whether it wants to target a single goal at a time or experiments with multiple goals to evaluate which turns out to be most successful to continue with the same.

The list of types of Facebook ads given below have been compiled taking in view the different set of objectives businesses focus on:

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1. Page Likes

The first entry in the list talks about stepping up your page’s organic search. This ad type focuses on spreading awareness about your brand and what do you have to offer. By running this campaign you are basically encouraging target audience to follow your FB page with a ‘like’ for future updates.

It is a micro conversion as majority of users do not mind interacting with this ad type. Marketers set the platform right for targeting potential customers the right way. These ads serve equally good to attract new customers and keep the existing ones updated.

2. Engagement Ads

The second types are engagement ads which target the existing users. Usually, an activity is run on the website or within an app to encourage the existing customers to engage with a business via website or app once again.

These types of campaigns help your business to stay connected with the existing customers and ensure that the sense of belonging is incorporated afresh.

3. Post Promotion

It is no brainer to grasp that no two posts do equally good on social media. But there must be some reason why few posts do much better than others while some of them go completely unnoticed.

While a business that limits itself to drive people to its Facebook page sees limited activity and response, businesses that provide more content get an opportunity to target more number of customers from the segment. Make use of post engagement ads to expand your content’s reach on Facebook. As a result you will get even more likes on your page-icing on the cake-right?

4. Acquisition Ads

Earlier we talked about engagement ads which connect with the existing customers but your goal may be the same as that of many other businesses and that is acquiring more users. This is what acquisition ads have at their heart. They focus on attracting new customers to your business. Many companies and applications count on app installation ads, lead generation ads and promotion (for products or services) ads to bring new users or customers to the business.

5. Brand Awareness Ads

Educating and inculcating users and customers more about your brand can be very effective for meeting your Facebook advertising campaign goals. Share stories and more about what you do as a business to be perceived as a person by customers.

Brand awareness ads build your business a personality and get more conversions. Facebook ad campaigns can make your business part of every home. This needs to be done very carefully as it works in your favor only when people perceive you as industry authority. Needless to say, this authority will come to you with outstanding content on your page.

6. Localized Ads

Akin to local SEO strategies, localized ads serve the purpose of advertising campaigns of many businesses. They are good at boosting conversions and enhance brand recall value.

Not every business is keen about spreading brand awareness on global level, thus, you may also want to target the local audiences. Localized ad campaigns are designed keeping in mind the geographical location of your customers. These ads turn out to be highly relevant as the customers get tailored solutions to their needs.

7. Website Conversions

Now you may ask what is so special about website conversion ad campaigns. It is true that majority of advertising campaigns ultimately increase traffic for your website but the website conversion ads are highly specific and super targeted. Visitors are drifted towards defined CTA on a particular page of your website.

Results from these ads can be optimized by experimenting with multiple call-to-actions. You can encourage more active participation from more users, replace learn more with sign up for a newsletter or invite them for a free trial of your product.

8. Website Clicks

For new businesses website click campaigns are the best bet. They facilitate your reach to the customers easily. Driving traffic to your business website is their primary objective and you can further do a lot of things to this traffic like directing it to your blog, product page, sales page and more. Let the customer decide for themselves by not pushing them for sales.

Carousel ads enable businesses to send traffic to various links. Canvas ads on the other hand prove useful to share your brand story with customers and influence them to find more about your business from the website.

9. Event Promotions

Be a host to your audiences and inform them about some event you are hosting on Facebook. It is a great way to proffer your brand value but not pushing your customers for sales. However, this gives you a fair chance to start a conversation with them.

Key is to focus on one segment at a time. Higher attendance in any event is a result of more targeted approach adapted by the business. Clubbing all the segments means messing it all up.

10. Offer promotions

Are you looking for an opportunity to present value proposition of your brand? There can be no better chance to initiate a conversation with customers. This is why you see many brands run promo offers and offer special discounts. Promotion ads announcing discount on your products or services attract good customer response.

These ads are extremely identifiable and are difficult to be missed in the vast volume of content on user’s feed. It goes without saying that these ads need to be really appealing.

How To Give More Power To Your Facebook Advertising Campaigns

After choosing one or set of campaigns you want to run for your business on Facebook, it is time to learn the ways to maximize the results.

These tips are expert recommended and stand equally good for both B2B and B2C businesses.

1. Start with your existing audience. Instead of warming up the cold traffic, first target your existing audience. It will be easier to generate positive response from the people who already know your business.

2. Perform split testing on your campaigns. Since no two people react to one situation in same way, it is best advised to conduct split testing and keep a close eye on the response you get on areas like- Ad headline, Ad graphic, Ad copy and Ad type. This way you will get to know the response you are getting from audience and run the final campaign suiting the needs of target market.

At the same time, it is important to try variations within your target audience segment. Work upon different combinations of positioning of the ad, bid, the demographics etc.

3. Arrange custom audience. Considering billions of users it is extremely challenging to make out which people are really interested in your business. To ensure Facebook targeting works best for you, install the Facebook pixel on your business website.

With it you can sieve out a custom audience on the basis of previous website traffic and ultimately you can set a custom audience on Facebook. This means better response in terms of customer engagement and conversions.

4. Re-target visitors. Generating leads on Facebook with a new advertising campaign can be difficult. You can bank upon the website visitors to generate leads. Re-targeting them is logical since they are of course interested in what your business has to offer, this is why they visited your website.

5. Run Facebook drip campaign. A drip campaign is not bound to be successful on emails only. You can run it on this social media platform to witness huge response. Provide customers with valuable content to turn the visitors into leads. Promote different content pieces depending on the customers’ previous interests.

6. Present Ad graphic with zero or minimal text. Sometimes less is more and this is what is true to the ad-graphics. Facebook’s 20% text rule is not new to social media marketers. Maximize your reach by minimizing the text.

7. Allure with intelligent data. Add layers and layers of data in your social media campaigns to engage and win trust of the target audience. It especially works when you have not made custom audience for your campaign.

8. Social guarantee. This is an extension of word of mouth publicity which is there from time immemorial. A hack that never fails to please social media marketers. Yes, it is about rendering social acceptance and proof. Give positive feedback, reviews and testimonials from relevant customers and it will do the magic.

Inference In Short

There is no denying that Facebook ads work for businesses of every size. You will have to be though smart and proactive to understand the needs of your target market. Besides, there are forms of Facebook Ads and practices to help you stay in sync with your very own business objective.

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