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  • September 7, 2017
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With the advent of the second half of the year 2017, it is quite important to look back what the year has given the SEO industry. The recent SEO practices and updates give new dimensions to the digital marketing and content.
In this year, the websites which contained matter or content that was written with a focus to attain better rankings only. It hardly had any relation with the relevance. These kinds of contents do not add any value or enhance knowledge of the user. Nobody can expect SEO to be so dead in such a dynamic environment where things constantly grow and change. When over half of this year has been spent, this post will throw light on the top SEO practices of the year. They promise to work in direction of bright future of digital marketing.

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Get Your Website To Position Zero


Position zero is the name given to the first result that is typically “framed”. Results are found when the question is keyed in a search query. According to a study conducted by STAT search Analytics, a single framed result can be produced in at least 21 search results. When your website or Webpage appears as a featured snippet or related question, it is most likely to be clicked by the users. After visiting the link if the user finds the value on your page or site, the user will not go beyond the featured result.
How a business should move towards making your website featured? For this to happen you should create longer and stronger forms of content that answers all the questions related to the topic. Also it is to be made sure that your HTML tags are easily crawled by Google. Featured snippets and related questions have seen tremendous increase in popularity since mid-2015; it was almost 2 years back. Get friendly and accustomed to featured snippets and related questions and earn the web traffic.


Voice results


Gone are the days when search engine searches were made by writing keywords. Nowadays voice search optimization is the SEO. It not only renders great deal of convenience to the customers but also produce relevant and quick results. It is very much evident with the Google report that tells that minimum of 20% of queries made on mobile are voice searches. Typed search is slowly taken over by voice searches. The traditional web search is time consuming and confusing for many. To frame questions involves long keywords that may not be taking the user to the information he is looking for. The last discussed featured snippets and related questions is said to be a deliberate effort by Google made for responding to voice search’s mounting popularity. It is though a bit early to confirm the future of voice search and its effects on SEO. However, there is an urge to understand and work upon the intent and language of the users. The content created on your websites should be more engaging and should create an interface between the users to create conversations. Something like consumer forums will help many to access the published practical information and other questions can be dropped in for experts to answer.




Experts recommend that you should take the complete advantage of social media networks for improved rankings. According to an estimate made by Statista by 2020 world will have over 2.995 billion social media users. Google bots cannot overlook the importance of social media platforms. You need to take social media seriously by any means as it provides strong backlinks that increase your site visits.

However you need to know your target audience to decide which social media platform to focus on. For realizing the true potential of Facebook and other social media platforms you should write interesting and informative content, updates and events.

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