Unlock 8 Ways To Enable Google Trends Help You With Better SEO

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Google Trends is one of the most underutilized free tools used in SEO. However, it is quite important to understand its usage to get the best out of it.

Take a look at below explained 8 points that will help you use Google trends for better results.
Here you go…

1. Start Big and Whittle Down

Earlier, Google Trends used to ask users to enter the parameters straight away. Talking about today, it prompts users to explore topics before narrowing down. For a big start, enter a big-time keyword for your topic and press Enter. Google Trends will invite you to drill down in the below given ways:

 Worldwide.
 Past 12 months.
 All categories.
 Web Search.

Worldwide: Helps to target a particular market geographically.

Time selection: It ranges from past 5 years to the past 4 hours.

Category: It is essential, if running a search on “Celtic Thunder” and not interested in reading about Irish weather patterns.

Search Type: It is an important category and includes news, web and YouTube.

Studies conclude that about 10 billion monthly searches are done in the U.S. alone. Hence, the rule to adhere is starting big and filtering to get relevant information.

2. Context

Google Trends follows extremely relativistic fashion. Results that are seen today are not compared with the popularity of other trends. However, they are compared with the previous heights of the entered keywords .

Context can be included through:

 Web searches.
 “+ Compare” tool to add new keywords.
 Filtering by country or category.

3. Use Specific Search Options

How to get advanced insights that are beyond the basics? Well, you will see 5 options and most of these are not frequently used by the users. These options are:

 Web search (Default).
 News Search.
 YouTube Search.
 Image Search.
 Google Shopping.

With each individual click, you will get results according to the different segments of your potential markets.

4. Target by Location

Google Trends focuses on keywords the most. To get the expected results, incorporating location into the mix is crucial. Feel free to zero in on certain regions and sub-regions – especially when it comes to the U.S.

5. Predict Trends

One of the easiest things in the world is logging on to Google Trends and identifying trends with a trail of breadcrumbs. However, the problem here is the fact that every search engine marketer uses the same data.

For additional insights, use the available data and predict trends. You may not know but Google Trends shows hottest news trends of the day.

6. Use “Top Charts” For Additional Insights

Top Charts is different shows items that are trending at the top. It covers a variety of different categories.
Sort between the trending and the most searched for additional insights. Remember, context is everything here.

7. Use Long-Tail Key Phrases

Long-tail keywords are longer and specific keyword phrases used by the visitors when either they are almost at the point-of-purchase or when using voice search. Though you may find them a bit counter-intuitive, initially; they are highly valuable when used right.

Let’s take an example: Suppose you are a company that is involved in selling classic furniture. Now, there are high chances that your pages will never show up near the top of an organic search for the keyword, ‘furniture’. Reason behind is the growing competition. But if you deal in contemporary art-deco furniture, keywords such as “contemporary Art Deco-influenced semi-circle lounge” will attract those customers who are looking for exactly what you sell.

8. Identify Blind Spots & Don’t Misread the Trends

Advanced use of Google Trends lets you step beyond whatever you think your present insight is to see whether you have blind spots.

Other trends to remember are:
 Using data for video optimization.
 Using cyclical trends for brand positioning.


Google Trends has undergone a lot of changes over the past years; however, its principles are still the same. There are significant insights to be reaped by those who want to go beyond the basic search. The rule is abiding by the queries until insights are found, no matter they are always obvious or not.

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