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October 8, 2018 was the date when Google announced its plan to discontinue Google+ in 2019. Reason behind was exposure of users’ personal information to the hands of hackers. Despite its global name & fame for services such as Gmail, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and Google Maps, Google+ is not the only feature that will […]

Change is a word that’s synonymous with local SEO. With expansion in local brand or local search marketing, new hires are welcomed. When local SEO is new for anyone; fast-tracking them on who to follow for information and analysis saves training time. If you are someone who is experienced in SEM or Search Engine Marketing […]

Do you own a small business? Want to enter the digital marketing or SEO world? If so, we salute your decision. Despite sounding easy and straightforward, small business is a tricky game in terms of online promotion. However, implementing things right lifts the business towards powerful search visibility and recognition. To build trust with visitors, […]