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A website with address that seems less trustworthy to the audience loses potential clicks. Hence, no matter how useful services your provide, nobody is going to explore them. This above scenario is possible with every business that’s not aware about the power of domain extensions. So, why is domain action important? How it can attract […]

Small businesses are well familiar with numerous types of internet marketing techniques. However, very few of them know that performing some marketing techniques simultaneously bring incredible results. Surprised? Well, you must know that email marketing, content marketing and social media when implemented together drive more profits as compared to when done alone. Let’s start with […]

Social media has advanced swiftly by successfully becoming an important element of everyone’s daily life. The estimated records clearly show almost every second individual uses one or the other form of social media, be it via any app or website. Considering the fact that majority of global population log on to these friendly platforms, brands […]

One of the most important revolutionary changes in the world of technology is AMP or in other words, Accelerated Mobile Pages. Based on the concept of increasing the web speed, this latest discovery by Google looks quite promising with a flourishing future. What exactly is AMP? AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a sort of […]

 2016 looks to be a great year for online marketing. Every year, a host of sweeping changes hit the market; businesses which have adapt the changes faster than their rivals get a leg up on the competition, while those lagging behind may miss out on an opportunity in establishing their position online. The marketers will […]

In 2015, we have seen a drastic boom in the mobile marketing industry. Mobile marketing strategies have grown leaps and bounds and due to rapid changes in mobile technology and marketing approached, marketers have to be on their toes to adapt the new trends. The new marketing trends Virtual reality In 2015, people spent an […]

Each year SEO evolves as marketers refine their skill sets and re-evaluate their strategy. In the last few years, few significant changes have been marked when it comes to search engine-ranking factors and without the ability to quickly adapt the changes, search engine optimization cannot succeed. People who succeed with SEO follow two rules. First, […]