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One of the important elements of digital marketing strategies is Pay- Per Click, a digital advertising model where advertisers pay for each click on their ads. PPC lets people pay for an ad placement only when someone interacts with the ad by clicking on it, contrary to traditional advertising. The basic purpose is to attract […]

REDDIT, not so easy platform to advertise, can make things happen for a business, provided there’s a systematic and planned approach. Eminent customer service and serving audience with content they are interested in has helped particular brands earn untouched success. Popular as “the front page of the Internet”, Reddit has excelled 169 million visitors and […]

20% of purchase failures are the result of unclear or lack of product information. NO, we are not saying this but e-commerce studies are. There are few products that generate sales with just a picture and title. So, what is the real game all about? Well, the goal is explaining what a particular product does […]

Are you ready to enhance your content marketing strategy in 2016? But do you know where are you lacking behind? It is not a strategy that provides overnight success; it is a long-term commitment. Everyone’s business is into content marketing, be it small businesses, B2Bs or B2Cs. However, the problems lie behind accurate content marketing. […]