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Marketing, especially Digital Marketing is never a boring task for people with active brain and eye on technology. There is huge scope of testing and experimenting with different strategies to make it work and score high in SERPs also convert the clicks into sales. To correctly portray what digital marketing has come to, let’s read […]

A website with address that seems less trustworthy to the audience loses potential clicks. Hence, no matter how useful services your provide, nobody is going to explore them. This above scenario is possible with every business that’s not aware about the power of domain extensions. So, why is domain action important? How it can attract […]

New Year will knock the doors anytime from now. When the whole world is getting prepared for parties, it is time for you to look out for the enticing trends that will be in action for the expansion. Video marketing itself is a dynamic sector; the improved mobile technology has opened up new world of […]

SEO Ninja, the leaders of digital marketing world who are best known for giving businesses a facelift has something exciting this Halloween. This surprise is mind-boggling for businesses that dream to reach levels of success smartly. Can’t wait to unveil it? Well, get 10% discount on SEO and SMO services from October 25, 2016 to […]

  Businesses are all about understanding and meeting the demands of customers. In addition, they are also about convincing people to buy your products and services. To bring consumers and retailers close, one of the best inventions of digital marketing strategies is the launch of Facebook business messenger. Using messenger allows buyers get notifications about […]

2015 has been another exciting year for social media. This means you need to gear up and find a grand marketing plan this year. Only few percentage of people actually see your tweets or Facebook posts. Producing and sharing great content is not enough, the focus should be on how many people actually see it. […]

One of the most important revolutionary changes in the world of technology is AMP or in other words, Accelerated Mobile Pages. Based on the concept of increasing the web speed, this latest discovery by Google looks quite promising with a flourishing future. What exactly is AMP? AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is a sort of […]