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What has changed after 12/03/19 for you? For most of the world, nothing very significant but when we hit in the landscape of search engine optimization, we see many businesses awestruck in response to the core quality update made by Google. Nevertheless, beans were spilled in last year itself with two consecutive algorithm updates in […]

Your dream website has been developed! Such a soothing feeling for your ears! Valuable content has also been put, the design has surfaced itself and you have also gathered loads of feedback. To take this heavenly feeling further, you are all set to share the good news with everyone whos out there on the web. […]

Google Trends is one of the most underutilized free tools used in SEO. However, it is quite important to understand its usage to get the best out of it. Take a look at below explained 8 points that will help you use Google trends for better results. Here you go… 1. Start Big and Whittle […]

Marketing, especially Digital Marketing is never a boring task for people with active brain and eye on technology. There is huge scope of testing and experimenting with different strategies to make it work and score high in SERPs also convert the clicks into sales. To correctly portray what digital marketing has come to, let’s read […]

Two years back, Google officially announced that switching your website to HTTPS could give a minor ranking boost. No wonder Google has taken a strict stance to protect the privacy of their consumers. And ever since the tide has been turning, the marketers have gone into frenzy. More and more websites are switching from HTTP […]

After almost two years of wait, Google has finally confirmed its Penguin algorithm update. It has been the fourth major release making Penguin a real-time signal processed into its core search algorithm. As it is the last update, there will be no confirmation about the next Penguin updates. The updates will be a constant process, […]

Are you facing some changes with your local search rankings on Google? Are you wondering about the variations in the search results? Well, if yes, it’s important to know that this is due to the latest Google Algorithm, ‘Possum’, which has created a 360 degree impact on the businesses. As a result, local search results […]