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20% of purchase failures are the result of unclear or lack of product information. NO, we are not saying this but e-commerce studies are.

There are few products that generate sales with just a picture and title. So, what is the real game all about? Well, the goal is explaining what a particular product does and why customers should buy it. So yes, poor description can turn people away.

If you have poor product descriptions at the moment, breathe a sigh of relief because it’s still not too late. With a few tweaks, it is possible to turn a bad description into a selling one.

The main goal is simply to explain what the product does and why someone should buy it.

Discover some tips to feed your customers with all the details they need.

1. Define buyer personas

Define buyer personas

An impressive description starts with a solid buyer persona. If you have no idea who will buy the product, it’s hard to figure out which information to put or leave out.

Let’s take an example of a beard oil kit. Now this is one product neither everyone uses nor everyone knows how to use.

Here, you ought to describe what’s inside the kit and details about using them. Also, explain the benefits of each product.

Let’s take another example and focus on a product belonging to Apple. Even though it includes only the technical specifications, it still works. Why? Because:
Apple is a popular, international brand. Another reason, it has a complete page along with videos explaining only the benefits the product offers.

Bottom Line

Keep buyers in mind, when selling products. Their age, interests and demographics matter a lot.

2. Use features and benefits

. Use features and benefits

Buyers’ persona simplifies things by dictating features and benefits to be listed in the description.

Checklist to follow:

  • Instead of listing benefits of every feature, mention three highest value features
  • Describe the features and how they are advantageous for the buyer
  • Explain how it will help or solve a problem

Bottom Line

Highlight features your target audience will find appealing.

3. Reflect brand’s voice

Reflect brand’s voice

Good product description is the one that sounds like you.
That means, you can be professional or conversational; you may keep things straight-laced and you can use sarcastic humor.
Let’s talk about an online clothing store. While promoting the apparels, it will focus on specifications like the size and material type. Rather than the details, it will describe the feeling of the dress.
Moving on to a luxury brand and how it mentions details of its products, you will find the tone is all about quality. Words that sound prominent such as iconic and one-of-a-kind would be used.

Bottom Line

Whatever be your tone, be consistent with it.

4. Create scannability with bullets

Create scannability with bullets

People love to skim; thus, include bullet points if you can. This will help to convey the information in a clear and concise way. Moreover, if lots of descriptive text isn’t needed, bullets are the best way to highlight major details.

An otherwise boring page can get a touch of visual element with bulleted lists.

Bottom Line

Nobody has time these days, keep things simple yet explained with bullets.

5. Boost persuasiveness with influential words

Boost persuasiveness with influential words

Influential words improve the strength of your descriptions. Here’s a list of 11 most influential words:

  • Sensational
  • Quick
  • Now
  • Hurry
  • Introducing
  • Miracle
  • Amazing
  • Magic
  • Suddenly
  • Revolutionary
  • Announcing

Using few of these words in the descriptions allows to turn something from simple to peppy. Moreover, these words can also be used to describe the buyer, making them feel different from others.

Bottom Line

Fuse powerful words in the description content for the product and for the buyers.

6. Optimize for search engines

Optimize for search engines

Apart from creating an impact on the buyers, words you use are important for SEO too.
Selling experts have found that putting keywords in product descriptions increases the search rankings.
Will it work every time or with every keyword? Probably not. Using keywords in the titles brings more rewards as far as rankings are concerned.
If you think you can create better descriptions through creative text rather than listing keywords, feel free to give it a try.

Bottom Line

Include keywords in titles and product descriptions for a good approach.

7. Images and mixed media

Images and mixed media

Studies say that about 63% customers trust images over product descriptions. Hence, showing is more important than telling.
As “a picture is worth a thousand words”, use this principle for descriptions.
You never know how short descriptions and more of images, media and icon may hit the sales more than ever.
A brief yet detailed description, fun yet professional tone, great video, bulleted list with SEO keywords and a clear image. Ain’t it a powerful combination?
Without limiting yourself, you can create product descriptions. Branch out and use the best of different mediums to sell the products.
Remember, a good product description communicates right information. Create product videos, put them front and center and use bullet points in descriptions.
Even if it means creating a page loaded with explanation on how to use the product, go for it.

Bottom Line

Focus on things that connect to your audience and provide the needed information.


Product description proves best when it is kept short and to the point. Include search engine friendly words and if putting them in description is impossible, use them in the title.

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