6 Easy Hacks To Improve YouTube Traffic

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YouTube is GenX’s favorite hangout place these days. Everyone’s trying their best to impress their viewers and create a followership for their posts. The competition for the budding Vloggers is so tough that most of them fail to make a mark. Even with exciting and new content, their strategies are not that amazing which pitch with their targeted audience. Also, the YouTube ranking algorithm has its known set of sorting technique which many fail to recognize. However, it is not that difficult if you use a strongly successful and expert’s recommended steps to bring your content on top.


Grab some knowledge on SEO tools available on YouTube:


  • Content is the key Component


A highly appreciated mixture of good content and presentation brings the audience to your page. Experimenting with videos is very simple and has much options. It could be the content, execution and technique. People usually prefer an eye to eye conversation or an explanatory video if it is a tutorial. For music videos, a high resolution and artistically pleasing video. A good research on what the viewers want to watch can save you a lot of time and resources.


  • Use VidIQ and Tube Buddy


There is something about tags which makes them very important in search engine and that is they are the basis of everything. If you don’t know how to use tags on your video then you are sure to become a ghost on YouTube. But to save you from the dead deal, VidIQ and Tube Buddy have awesome features to offer which would show you the tags used by your competitors. Meta tags and meta description are important terms. Make use of the most searched and common word, phrases and categories while tagging your video. Although, these are not YouTube’s direct plugin but most helpful tools for the newbies in the town for upgrading their skills.


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  • Get Use to Guest Blogging


Guest blogging is trending in today’s traffic generating techniques where the you get to post your Vlog on page of other blogger of your niche. In return you promise to do so for them. This helps to reach out to their followers and increase your subscription.


  • Use Creative Ideas to keep the audience involved


Viewers follow those Vloggers who keep their page active on social media. A new video every now and then will keep your audience involved. Also, to your surprise, YouTube considers new updates and refreshing content in their ranking sorting technique. The more interactive and interesting your video gets, the more it is supposed to get hit by the users. You must do a full research to make sure you are not just uploading a video for sake of staying on top because that won’t help. It is essential to keep away from the saturated market on net.


  • Give a ways and Free Offers


People just LOVE free deals. To increase subscription, all you need to is to tell your viewers to do some marketing stuff for you and in return you may select a few from the lot to giveaway some free course subscription or a gift. This could include posting your link to several sites and social media account or asking their friends to hit your subscriber button. There is a lot of scope of getting marketing at minimal price. Also, this will improve the traffic on your videos.


  • Make your presence on other Vlogger’s site and also invite others to feature on yours


Let your content and video bring in some new faces which are also famous on YouTube. This would give a straight hike on your page traffic as it would direct their audience to your page as well. If you are intelligent enough to utilize this technique carefully then it could give your subscription number an immediate increase. People love to see when famous people of same niche collide to make a informative and entertaining content.

Let the viewers know that you’re something that they need to follow and are on YouTube to stay longer by using these simple hacks.

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