Exclusively For Small Business Entrepreneurs – Guide To Implement SEO Techniques

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Do you own a small business? Want to enter the digital marketing or SEO world? If so, we salute your decision. Despite sounding easy and straightforward, small business is a tricky game in terms of online promotion. However, implementing things right lifts the business towards powerful search visibility and recognition. To build trust with visitors, organic listings are quite useful and are a must for long-term success.

How Search Engine Optimization Works?

Google is the chief player in the entire process of SEO. Googles crawlers or spiders explore and scan accessible page of every website thats there on the web. Robots then follow the links and gather information on every webpage followed by sending it to the Google servers.

After this, web surfers are able to search for the terms that are associated with your website and this way, they get answers to their queries or questions. However, while showing the results, Google checks the sites and picks the one with relevant information regarding the searched query. Best options are displayed at the top and least relevant are displayed at the bottom.

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What Else To Know About SEO?

SEO is something that evolves more and more almost all the time. Website owners are always looking forward to know how their sites can reach the top rank in the search engines.

Years ago, some SEO experts developed particular optimization with an aim to make Google algorithm believe that their website was more relevant than others. This practice is known as Blackhat SEO and has been disapproved by search engine algorithms owing to horrible user experience.

If Google finds any site using Blackhat SEO techniques, it takes no time in penalizing it.

Major SEO Aspects To Focus On

  • • Website

A professionally designed website is the first thing to have. It must be fast and mobile friendly.

  • • Content

High-quality content is undeniably important. However, focus needs to be put on the fact on proving why customers come to you over your competitors. Informational blogs are helpful, as they enhance awareness and give exposure in front of a bigger audience.

  • • On-Page SEO

Working with basic optimization pays big time; hence, titles and meta descriptions cant be overlooked.

  • • Local SEO

Promoting products and services to local audience when they need is crucial. No matter what, incorporating local SEO practices is necessary.

  • • Credibility

To make the business appear as the real deal to the customers, reviews, portfolios, case studies and testimonials are areas to be careful about.

  • • Authority Building

When you earn authority, several websites try to link to you. Now this is good because high-quality links help the business with high rank in the search results.

Optimizing Small Business Website For Search Engines

Though SEO is a bit complex, doing it the right way helps like anything. Take a look at 7 seven ways to play your cards right:

1. Keywords

When clients look for your type of business, these are the words or phrases that are typed by them in the search box. Because you own the website, it is your responsibility to ensure that keywords on your page are according to the keywords people are looking for. This way, you can increase your chances of letting them find you.

2. Title Tags

As an HTML title element, it explains the topic as well as theme of content thats on the website. Being the title of every single page, it has its own value in the eyes of search engines. Title tag is unique and must be relevant to the website. Also, it must have a proper format across the website. A specific keyword must be included in the page and if possible, brand name as well. If you have space to include brand name, make sure to use a hyphen (-) or vertical bar (|) so as to separate keywords from the brand name. Not to forget, 55 characters is the limit.

3. Page Copy

When creating a web copy thats engaging, you have to instill keywords. Concentration has to be on creating content thats readable, not over-stuffed with keywords and high quality. These rules cant be ignored because Google crawlers read the text carefully and dont mind flagging anyone for poor content. Excess use of keywords creates a negative impact on users and brings consequences to website ranking.

Moral C Adhere to error-free and high-quality content. Also, check carefully before publishing anything.

4. Heading Tags

Defined with H1 to H6 tags, heading tags are a vital component of the HTML coding. As obvious, H1 is the most important heading and has a lot of weight in terms of search engines. H1 tag should be applied to the page headline and is mean to be used only once per page. Talking about remaining tags, they can be used multiple times.

5. URL Structure

URLs are very helpful to display the keywords in the search engines, once you have mastered the art of including them the right way. Keywords have to be used in the resource path or part of the URL thats after the domain name.

6. Meta Descriptions

A text that describes content of web pages is known as meta description. It shows up in search engine results pages below the blue clickable link and URL.

Apt meta description gives users an idea about whats there for them, which is something favorable for the business. When creating content for the website, you must provide meta description to Google. Not doing this makes the search engine show any random text that may even prove irrelevant to users. Dont forget keeping the copy within 150 to 155 characters. And yes, call-to-action has to be there.

7. Images

Yes, search engine crawlers read text but no, they dont see images. Robots depend on behind the image code for a better understanding of what is displayed. Having said that, attention has to be given to image title, alt tag and filename.

Creating Long-Term SEO Strategy

After optimizing the website for search engines comes the turn to move on to the other work. In simple words, an ongoing SEO strategy that has potential to fetch results has to be crafted to get an edge over the competition.

Major things to focus are: Three

  • • Content
  • • Inbound Links
  • • Local SEO

Great Content

High quality content means everything for Google algorithm. To carve the right content, you have to put efforts in coming up with something thats useful, fresh and different. Moreover, you got to promote it.

Beauty of fresh content is that it impresses Google by making it believe that your website is active and worthy. Talking exclusively about relevancy, content has to be business and its offerings related.

Inbound Links

Its also good to know that inbound links can help you get favorable search engine rankings. Its important to note, however, that high-quality links (those from top websites) are more likely to work great for your ranking as opposed to links from average sites. The bottom line: Crafting high-quality content and obtaining inbound links go hand in hand just try to make it work!

Local SEO

Grabbing attention of people and being appealing is termed as local SEO. You can sign up for Google My Business Account. When doing this, ensure that contact details are consistent across Google search, Google+ and Maps. Creating an account is good to boost awareness, bring tons of positive reviews and pull more & more customers.


SEO for small business has potential to do wonders. Best way to make things happen is creating and implementing strategy that works as expected and keep you ahead of others. Last but not the least, always give enough time to high-quality and original content.

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