Exposed: 11 Untapped Reddit Marketing Strategies

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REDDIT, not so easy platform to advertise, can make things happen for a business, provided there’s a systematic and planned approach. Eminent customer service and serving audience with content they are interested in has helped particular brands earn untouched success.


Popular as “the front page of the Internet”, Reddit has excelled 169 million visitors and 7.55 billion page views per month during its decade of existence. With that, this channel is a sure way to reach thousands of visitors and kickstart the marketing campaign.
Talking exclusively about Reddit marketing, most of the businesses are either skeptical or unaware about its reach. What they don’t understand is that expected marketing results come when one is creative and deploys the proven practices.
This detailed post covers 11 actionable steps that act as stepping stone towards incredible traffic in short time.

1. Keep Calm & Be Relevant

First things first. Huge traffic base comes from posts that are relevant to the users. This means, the more one tailors the posts to the subreddit they are posting, the rewarding the results. Content that’s way too broad for the users must be avoided.
A little research never hurts rather doing it in subreddit to see the popular posts gives a feel of the real audience.
If a website aims at selling products or fetching subscribers, customer development is the way to go.

2. Post Only The Great Stuff

Short and generic content is never a performer. It falls down and vital reputation points die. Hence, a detailed, helpful, well-written and actionable content needs to be created. When an article is posted, Reddit users click it to unveil what’s hidden inside. Whether they like it or not is visible in the results.

3. Double Dipping Isn’t Allowed

Generally, the sight of logging in analytics account and coming across a boost in traffic is the moment when one feels, they posted it on Reddit in negligible seconds. This is followed by the thought of doing it again & again.
Behind this glitzy picture is the real trouble. How? When a link is posted in a subreddit, it should be allowed to rest and catch audience attention.

4. Benefit From Fun

Although this one is the most important factor, it gets overlooked by the impatient marketers. Instead of acting like a marketer, it’s good to act like a redditor.
Each and every element of the site must be looked upon. A post history showing one as a normal user is the game here. Posting funny or helpful comments on other posts opens gateways to build the karma points.
As less as 10 minutes in a week are required to comment on something funny or talk on a favorite subject. Best feature of Reddit users is that they are extremely dedicated about the website.
Indulging in fun on subreddits relevant to one’s niche gives an idea about the trending and admired posts. This helps to create popular and worthy posts.

5. Address Issues Of The Community Even Before They Show Up

The above points are a ladder to go far; however, to move on to the next level, there’s more to do.
When a user posts links to their site in Reddit, a number of users try bringing down the posts, talk rubbish or report to the moderators. To conquer such situations, it is important to beat them by addressing their concerns before they get anything to point upon.
Text posts help to promote a specific thing. Aim here is serving the audience with value and explaining everything to them before asking them to click through the website. If the content is helpful, it’s good to be honest about it.

6. First Post Shouldn’t Be Promotional

When new to a subreddit, before promoting anything personal, it’s recommended to post something else. Though this point is not a major thing but very important to lock in the mind.

7. Over-Promotion Should Rest In Peace

Reddit moderators as well as users see every activity that’s done on the website. Moreover, they have automatic spam filters.
Posting links to the same domain quite often calls for a major risk. Automatic spam filters blacklist the domain; hence if a post is made, it doesn’t show up. Another punishment is to “ghost” the account. Just like the name, this is something to scare from because it stops every post from showing up to everyone else. In other words, no matter how many contents are posted, they won’t ever appear to anyone.

8. Share New Posts With Friends

No matter there’s a team or not, there is always a group or a network to share the content with. New Reddit posts must be sent to friends or followers who are Reddit users. If the posted content is liked by them, they give an upvote in return, which then pulls other users. This way, it gets easy for the post to reach maximum people and make a place for itself.

9. Comment and Reply

One golden lesson: Activity on reddit post brings more activity.
When someone comments on a post, they should be replied because it increases the comment count. Posts with plenty of comments compel redditors to click on them and participate in the conversation.
Surprising part here is that one can start with the very first comment on a link posted by them only. This acts as conversation starter. Also, it brings lots of activity into the thread.

10. Be Humble

Criticism hurts but it isn’t a bad thing always. Instead, it can be used as one of the biggest advantages. While posting and replying to the comments, the tone should be polite. Apart from helping to address the issues of the community even before they face them (as explained in point 5), it helps in becoming a better version to attract traffic and customers. When replying to comments, it’s good to learn from the commentators.
Criticism of the users should be used to ask question to them.
According to the Reddit self promotion guidelines “It’s perfectly fine to be a redditor with a website, it’s not okay to be a website with a reddit account.”
One can ask the community what they can do to help them better. It’s surprising to see how commentators help with ideas for better promotion of the content.

11. Advertise

When there’s an offer that needs to be sent to the massive audience, ADVERTISING sounds good. Reddit ads are very cheap and assist to send targeted traffic to an offer for $1 for 1000 ad impressions. Besides good click rates, traffic to landing pages also goes up.
And this was all. Invest a few minutes on these important suggestions and create a well-planned strategy to unlock all the hidden opportunities of driving tremendous traffic.

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