How Google’s Possum Will Affect Local Seo Scenario?

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Are you facing some changes with your local search rankings on Google? Are you wondering about the variations in the search results? Well, if yes, it’s important to know that this is due to the latest Google Algorithm, ‘Possum’, which has created a 360 degree impact on the businesses. As a result, local search results have turned upside down, making things relevant for the searchers.

What is Possum?

Possum is the latest Google Local Search Algorithm launched on September 1, 2016. Ideology behind designing this Algorithm is bringing tremendous change in the local search community. This update is the largest local SEO update after Google Pigeon update, which was launched in 2014.

What Is The Update?

It creates a remarkable impact on the 3-packup local listings and local finder. Purpose behind is expanding the local results and preventing spam pages from showing up in the search results. Doing so will definitely provide priceless results to local search users.

How The Update Will Change The Local Search Results?

Let’s take a look on how the update will change the scenario of the local search results.

1. Businesses That Are Beyond Local Search Boundary Will Get Ranks

Earlier, businesses located outside the edge were deprived of the needed importance. This always led to their low rankings in the local search results. However, with this latest change, these businesses will get the required and pending credit. As a result, they will experience excellent ranking in the search results. It has already been observed that many businesses are enjoying appreciable growth in the local ranking.

2. Physical Location Of The Searcher Is More Important

Google has made it necessary to take into consideration physical location of the search and generate the relevant result. Though the 3-pack ranking system will remain as it is; businesses that are on the top 3 results will differ based on the physical location of the searcher. It is important to know that none of the businesses are eliminated from Google listing.

The farther one goes away from the place where they are focused about searching, the more zoomed out the map will get. Further, the more the local listings will manage for the search result.

3. Address Matters For Filtering Local Results

The new update has filtered out those businesses that had similar address shared in different websites. Now this is something which has proved to be quite effective for the searchers. Reason behind is that they can now see various business listings for their search and won’t be limited to see the same businesses in the result. Thanks to this update, there won’t be any duplicate listings in the search anymore. While the best and top results will rank on the result page, other listings can be viewed by zooming in or going deeper in the local map results.

Here, it is important to understand that it is not just the case of the address, as businesses with different address but same association will be charted out from the list. All this will save searchers from going through duplicate listings.

4. Search Results Differ On Keyword Variations & Keyword Ordering

Even if the keywords are similar but have some variation, it does matter in the search engine. While one can view one result while entering their keywords, different set of results will be generated while entering the keyword with a location or abbreviation of the place.

It must be remembered that such fluctuations have significant importance for business listings. It helps the searchers to bring more useful and identical results. There is no denying the fact that keywords are must for the search engine results, the importance and variations have got much more popular with the latest updates. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the right keyword as well as keyword variations to ensure visibility to the business.

5. Local Filters Run Independently From Organic Filters

With the modern updates and recent modifications, local as well as organic filters are working more independently. This is because Google local is more independent now and is capable of discarding a lot of general SEO search efforts out of whack. This is helpful for the local businesses that have fixed target audience without worrying about the popular global brands of their industry. Google local and organic filters are entirely different now and less connected as compared to before. This will definitely open new gateways of prospects for local businesses.

Overall, Google’s latest update is going to do wonders for every business by helping them reach their goals and increasing their brand exposure.

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