The Right Techniques To Improve A Website’s Performance When Using Gifs

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When it comes to designing the web pages, GIFs aren’t the major performant of image options. Though they excel in capturing attention of the users and effectively offer information in an entertaining way, they were not created for animation purpose. This is because they lead to heavy pages which take much time in loading. Thankfully, there are ways that can be used to improve the performance of a website even when GIFs are used. Yes, that’s true. You can let your site function the right way without letting Graphics Interchange Format disturb the flow.

Generally, GIFS can be easily optimized by compressing them. To do this, following two methods can be used.

  1. Lossy Compression: This method removes a part of the data from the original file which ultimately reduces the file size of the image. Here, it is important to note that while saving the file after compression, there occurs degradation in the quality of the graphic. Need not say, it leads to blurred and pixilated image.
  1. Lossless Compression: This sort of compression protects all the data from the original file. Hence, it is possible to uncompress the compressed file easily. Not only the file size remains larger, image quality is also safe from getting degraded with time.

How To Improve Website Performance That Uses Static GIFs

Improve website performance

Well, the easiest way is rendering the image with the help of PNG format and not GIF format. This is because PNG files can be compressed to a much smaller size than the equivalent GIF file. As latest techniques are quite helpful, it is possible to take the advantage by using formats that use these techniques.

Easy ways to improve the performance of sites that use animated GIFs:

There is no denying the fact that animated GIFs are widely popular, annoying thing about them is that they take long time in loading. By using any of the below given techniques, one can improve the performance rate of their site:

  • Lossy optimization
  • Lossy optimization on animated GIFs
  • Converting the animated GIF to a HTML5 video

As animated GIFs are a series of individual GIFs, these techniques can be used to reduce the size of animated file. Also, this can also be done by utilizing a simple software suite that performs the compressions automatically.

Converting Animated Gifs To HTML5 Videos


While size of an animated GIF can be decreased, it is also possible that one ends up with a file that it larger than needed. It is exciting to know that by converting the animated GIFs to HTLML5 video, it is easy to make the GIFs up to 95% smaller.

HTML5 video is the catch-all term for a browser’s ability to play video content by using only the <video> tag. Nothing else is needed not even the external plugins.

Not these but there are many other ways that can be used to convert animated GIF to MP4. Depending on the alternative that appeals best to you, improve your website’s performance now.

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