How is Native Advertising a Breakthrough in Marketing Sector?

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The marketing business has grown exponentially in the last decade and the way it is developing, it is expected to witness some of the unusual and new trends setting in. The broadly classified advertising methods are: TV ads, Pay-Per-Click search ads, Display ads and Native ads. Till now, the large piece of cake was enjoyed by the TV ads agencies but post 2014; digital advertising has greatly attracted the companies to invest in them.
Display ads and Social ads ruled through in initial phase of digital marketing. Content marketing, Video, Email marketing etc are still going strong. However, the new in town is Native advertising which gels up with the platform in a way that it is not viewed as ads at first sight.

What is Native Advertising?

Blogs, articles, infographics etc which aim to provide information on certain topic that are usually hit on search engines by the internet people are published on a websites which have similar agenda. The difference is that it is a paid media. Facebook’s sponsored post, Twitter’s promoted posts, Pinterest sponsored pins etc are form of native ads available on social media.

What are the types of Native Advertising?

Ads which don’t follow the classical format of digital marketing are under Native marketing. These are never direct in promoting brands but indirectly manipulate the user to use the products.


The major categories are:

Sponsored Advertising

The very famous and earning format on social media is promoting through sponsored posts. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc allows their users to promote products through paid services where paid posts appear like a normal post on news feed without any direct intention of selling the product but with more information about it. People prefer investing on these ads because it generates results instantly. The inbuilt metrics show reach through graphs of clicks and visits instantly on dynamic basis. Also, they have defined packages to select from as per the budget of the company. You can define your target audience. These are more trustworthy ways because all the social media accounts are personal and held by one person. The identity shown in the graphs confirms that it has reached to various individuals once and not just a few group of people several times.

Recommended Content

These contents are in form of blogs and infographics which appear in ‘from around the web’ section of each page. They are related posts that may be informative and used by the people who are looking for similar content. They are consistent in nature that promises not to post direct offers or promotion in the posts.

Ads appearing in the feeds shared by social pages

The blogs shared by different pages which are followed by millions is also a method of promotion. Companies pay these sensational account holders to share their blogs on their pages to engage people through various social media platforms like YouTube Ads, Facebook pages, Promoted Tweets etc. These are less costly than the above methods though the cost varies on the outreach of the page. A heavily followed account will charge higher than others. Yet this method also assures contemplating shares and likes.

What are benefits of Native Ads?

Quality content

Content marketing is getting contaminated by many undeserving writers who find no time to write their own thoughts and research but believe in the two best commands, i.e., Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. To bring about the change, content marketing under this niche produces quality and fresh content which is informative and stands better chance to get hit by the surfers.

Highly shared

These posts are highly shared by people that regular posts due to their quality content and good outreach amongst the target group. This benefits the marketers with secondary advertising.

Relevant Post

Most of the posts are well researched and professionally written that have consistency overall. These are attractive to grab eyeballs because of their format which convinces the readers to try out the new product.

What is economical aspect of Native Ads?

This form of ads is actively chosen by the marketers in schemes. The amount spend on them is huge as well. Some industrialists do criticize that it is a fancy name given to content marketing. However, when you look deeper, native market is a more regulated form which also has many laws in different countries and regions. This doesn’t impact the likes for relevant ads. In fact, audience want a detailed talk about a product before they buy and this way they get to know it better. It is hence expected that by the end of 2018, native advertising industry will be $22 billion. This accounts for more than 80% growth in two years.

Why to use Native Ads?

The natural acceptance of these ads is high due to less resistance from the audience as they are more reasonable and helpful source of information. It caters to all size of business which has a lower input is to output ratio as ads converts into sales due to their genuine outlook.

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