Get Prepare For Google’s Pending Penguin Update

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Google Penguin Update

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is an ever changing field and if you are not prepared for the updates, you can lack behind. Thus, it is essential to be proactive with your SEO strategies. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about the future predictions as we have calculated few predictions and you can count on those to get prepared for the Penguin updates.

The next Penguin update will come soon. Though we don’t know when and what it will entail, however, as a major Google algorithm update, it can turn everything upside down. The websites which get penalized will have a chance to jump back into the market. So, you can get a stiff competition this year. While getting online marketing services, you need to keep in mind different things.

It is important to audit your link profile, though it is not in the mind when everything is running smoothly, but doing a last minute check to get prepared for the update won’t harm.

Anchor Text Circulation

It is one of the most important steps. Your links should not include any identical anchor text. You need to bring change in the external links by brands, URL, long-tail keywords and non-descriptive keywords. You need to have the most branded anchor text because it is the way that your target audience will like to find you.

Escalating Referring Pages all of a sudden

While analyzing your backlinks at the highest level, you can see sudden spikes in your graphs. Linking couple of websites link to every single page can be a red flag in Google’s eyes. Even a sharp increase within a short period of time can also catch Google’s attention for the worse. While creating social media marketing strategy, ensure you are not in red flag.

Disowning Links

Disavowing your links can be a difficult decision. If you disavow your links manually, you can get into trouble because if Google has not noticed anything, you can bring something to attention. If you decide to disavow your links, you have to do it while keeping everything in mind, as there is a lot of overlap in the process itself.

Internal links Checkup

External links rightfully get the most attention with anything Penguin-related. But ignoring the signals with your internal links can bring a big impact on the rankings.

You can control over these links and thus you can help dictate to search engines which pages are more important. You internal links can also be subject to over-optimization. Steps such as varying your anchor text with non-descriptive text or linking related pages together can be helpful. Try to maintain as much hierarchy as possible and match your consumer-facing links to your canonicals and what is in your XML sitemap. You can find Effective ORM Strategies for better implementation.


You can do all these things manually, but when there are so many tools available. There are some tools that can be helpful.

Link research tools: This tool has full potential. It includes link monitoring so you can see graphical spikes in backlinks, competitor research, link review and many more. However, it is quite pricy so it is best for enterprise level.

Ahrefs: for a quick look at trended backlinks, you can always take help of Ahrefs. This tool helps you to test URLs a few times and it comes with a 14-day free trial.

Check my links: It is a Chrome extension that helps in scanning the pages for any broken links.

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