Search Engine Submission- is it still required?

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Over the past few years, there are number of misconceptions about search engine submission. Earlier there were lots of search engines and one of the primary things that you required to do was to submit your site. But what about nowadays when few of search engines rule the scene; is search engine submission important or even required?

In reality, the answer leans to no, search engine submission is not required. The major search engines such as Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc employ robotic programs “bots” which rake through Internet looking for data to add to the search engine indices. They crawl and index pages by following links. One inbound link from a page that is already indexed will identify your website to the search engine. The more pages indexed linking to other pages that are indexed results in higher ranking. Thus, inbound linking is essential. The major function of SEO is to obtain quality back links.

Starting your new business online

Many businesses start an online business without a having a proper direction. They may be masters of their products and services and no one can beat them in providing such good services in budget price, but without the ability to bring in new customers, their online venture will fail. Only web presence is not enough to have the customers to come to the website and buy products and services.

Below is the general overview of getting started online:

Targeted audience

The major mistake, which a businessman makes, is choosing a product or service and then tries to find customers. It will lead to failure. It is essential to get acquainted with the market segment, demographics and more about your future customers then have a product/ service developed for them.

The product or service should be unique

Of course unique does not mean completely different but something different in itself. You need to meet what your future customers can afford. Know their requirement and be ready to provide them with customized solutions.

Domain name and hosting service should be ready

The domain name should describe your business and what you offer. It should be short, straightforward and to the point. Domains with complex names will not attract the customers.

Develop a website

The website you create need to be friendly across all platforms. It should be a responsive one. It means, the websites can be easily viewed on desktop, laptop, tablets or even mobile phone. It should fit the size of the device easily. Search engines do not give preference to the sites that are not mobile friendly.

Get an opt in list

Create an opt in list when you are just initiating a website. Try going to events, networking events, getting social with people and lot more. The goal behind it is keeping quality content, quality services in front of them. You can keep in touch for months or send weekly or monthly newsletters. When your customers are ready to buy, they can bring in business or can refer your products and services to someone else.

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