SEO For Advocacy: Best Reasons Lawyers Should Opt For Best SEO Company USA

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Even law firms compete with each other to acquire new clients and business. In order to survive and grow, your firm should be promoted online to get found by clients in need of legal advice.

It is time to get a reality check done! Prospects trust that business which they find over the internet via organic search in comparison to the business that approaches them. Attracting prospects work better than reaching out to them for law firms, or any other industry for that matter.

Regardless you are operating from a prime location in the market or your office is setup in some nook and cranny, you would be hired by the legal consumers, provided you have strong web presence.

Going by the words of ABA Journal, one of the most circulated magazines among attorneys, one third of legal consumers bank upon the online methods such as blog posts, eBooks, infographics, etc. to quest the best lawyers.

Could you spot the similarity between other customers and the legal ones? They all take the online route to reach their destination. It is just so convenient and successful way of finding out something or other. It is interesting to learn that over 96% of individuals looking out for legal advice use a search engine.

How many of you have lawyer friends or relatives? For anybody seeking lawyer services, it is way more feasible to find them with an online search. What does it imply? Yes, you might be guessing right. It is nothing but power of local SEO that can shape up your bright future.

Local SEO seems to be much more relevant in the industry because of the mere fact that lawyers services are mostly taken up only after meeting them in person. Individuals find it easy to trust them and to make them understand their case when they sit together.

There is no room for ambiguity in this for you. If you want to be searched by your clients over internet easily, go for local SEO. The moment you start gaining top ranks on the first page of search engine results, customer queries ascends.

It starts with having a good responsive website but that is not all about it. In fact it is just a beginning. If you want sustained business growth of your firm remember to swear by top search engine optimization solutions.

Below given stats can further shed more light on SEO’s significance:

  • For 93% of netizens, internet experience starts with a search engine.
  • 3/4th of total internet users remain confined to the first search result page.
  • 70-80% of search users do not trust paid ads but count on organic search results only.

Another important relevant fact is that the top three search results take away the fattest slice of the total traffic, your aim should not only be to make it to the first page but achieving top three positions should be your SEO target.

What Legal Firm SEO Is Comprised Of?

Keeping it simple, SEO for a law firm helps it obtain the top ranks for the relevant keywords. Every effort on the website and other mediums to attract more traffic to the site is done by SEO tactics.

It is no different from other businesses except the keywords which are business-specific. Result-oriented businesses cannot afford to ignore the potential of local SEO. Getting clients and new business from the proximal areas is way more feasible.

Let us make it clearer with an example. Imagine if you are a divorce lawyer practicing in San Francisco, California. People would be making search on internet while typing “divorce lawyer San Francisco.” What if your firm will be there in top few results of the search engine result page?

Can you expect more leads and inquires? Will it lead to more business?

Answer is a no-brainer, yes! Since SEO makes any business to be easily found by the prospects. When it comes to looking for location based precise results there is no match of deploying local SEO technique.

How SEO Is Better Than Traditional Marketing?

From time immemorial businesses are acquainted with the importance of business promotion. It is a passive approach to set up a business and wait for prospective clients to find way to your shop or office. In early days of marketing, companies used to depend upon word of mouth publicity and it gradually crossed different stages with advancement in technology like newspaper advertisement, radio and TV advertisements, pamphlet distribution etc.

Pre-SEO days were good for survival but sustaining in the cut-throat competition of today’s age was not possible with the traditional marketing techniques. It is true that various elements of traditional marketing are still in practice but they cannot suffice the needs of contemporary businesses.

Talking about legal services business, it is crucially important to obtain SEO expertise by your side so that you cannot only grow but sustain in the highly competitive environment.

Let us have a glance what are the benefits of SEO over traditional marketing:

  • Better way to reach: Traditional marketing campaigns do have a broad reach but when it comes to estimating ROI, there is a lot of ambiguity. Since the efforts are not funneled in best ways results are not certain unlike SEO practices. Search engine optimization campaigns better know their targets and get you better ROIs.
  • Banks need not be broken: They are not highly expensive unlike traditional ad campaigns. You don’t need to have a massive budget to get the desired results. Local SEO is the best example of cost-efficiency.
  • Incur long term results: Unlike traditional marketing you don’t have to start again from the scratch in getting results from the SEO efforts. Results are not immediate but consistent in long term.

It is worth mentioning here that though you cannot expect fast results from search engine optimization but eventually it proves to be the best means of stabilizing your business operations.

SEO Advantages For Your Legal Services Business

The most important advantage of taking up SEO services is that you do business even after business hours. They work for you round the clock despite your physical absence. But it does not end here, as there are some more SEO benefits you should know:

  1. Screened traffic on your site

Filters are not only for making fewer pretty faces appear to be pretty but they also work for screening out the most relevant traffic for your site. If optimized effectively your site can reach the top most ranks and make its way to right set of people. Remember, your ultimate aim is to get found by legal consumers and not just by anyone.

  • Earn more business

You are giving it all to your business so that your firm can do better than your competition. It is obvious that when your competition loses their business to you, it will bring more clients in your chamber. The best part is that you will be driving better income without trying too hard. Furthermore, your clients will be more convinced as you are no longer bothered about marketing your services as someone better qualified for that job is already posted. 

  • Better ROI

With affordable SEO packages your firm becomes more cost effective. Neither it takes a huge sum of money nor would you get peanuts in name of returns. You would be seeing yourself leaving your competition miles behind in the race of winning trust of legal consumers and of course their fees.

  • Don’t miss out your mobile using clients

The fact that mobile users have surpassed the desktop users is no longer under cover. Don’t believe anyone but you cannot ignore what Google has said. According to Google, in 10 countries including the US and Japan, more Google searches are conducted on mobile devices as compared to computers.

Make your site mobile responsive and never miss an opportunity to be located by the mobile users.

Which Is Better- Organic Listing Or Paid Ads?

It does not take a swirl of magic wand to make your law firm stand ahead of your competition. The process takes its time to produce desired kind of results. Often our clients are willing to get fast results with their respective sites. Paid ads are tempting to many of them but it completely deserves to understand if it is worth investing your precious time and efforts in the sponsored ads?

Paid ads are those little ads that appear on the top of every SERP. Experts believe that there is nothing wrong as such in going with these paid ads also dubbed as AdWords, especially if you are desperate to get immediate results.

However, businesses should be aware of few facts like these can cost you thousands of dollars every month. Those with huge bank balances can count on them. On the other hand, those willing to have a justified ROI and are seeking long term results should adhere to organic results, which are beneath AdWords but free of cost.

What Is It About Two Ranking Factors?

It is believed that optimization of website is not tough, unless you make it. When businesses choose rookie digital marketing chaps over proficient SEO specialists it can get really intimidating to churn out expected ROIs.

This is exactly where a mention of two main ranking factors become indispensable. Your focus on these two factors can yield astonishingly great search engine results. Excited to learn about them? Have a look.

  • Content

Content undoubtedly paves your website’s way to be visited and re-visited by users. This goes well with the requirement of getting top ranks on Google or other search engines. With quality and informative content on your law firm site you can win the trust of your target audience.

Having authentic information on your website makes the big G work in your favor. Publish content on your site which adds value to your site and experience better response of prospective clients when compared to the competition. Google gives a lot of priority to good content and so should your site.

  • Backlinks

There is no way you can escape from making efforts towards building high quality and diverse backlinks to your legal services site. Assuming that you don’t know Google and the users have grown smart over past few years. Backlinks coming from different domains are only considered now which also means that it is not the number but the quality of backlinks that you should be concerned about.

Creating authentic backlinks and influencers takes strenuous efforts. Hope you understand that creating good content is not enough unless you have right tools to promote that content.

Scalable Ways Of Impressing Google

After gathering so much of knowledge about importance of SEO for your law firm it is critically important to get familiar with the best ways of its implementation. After all, gaining knowledge proves waste unless executed.

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a mammoth sum on it as all it calls for is domain knowledge and consistent efforts to harvest the sweet fruit of top SERP ranking.

There are certain right ways of SEO implementation for your legal services. To gain the maximum do not further delay diving deep into the strategy:

  1. Perform Scrutiny Of Your Competition

Examining your competition is where it starts from. It will prepare you for what is acceptable in market and how you will be creating a difference.

It is a good idea to jolt down some top and relevant keywords for your legal services and make individual search for each one of them on Google. This way, you will not only get the number of firms fighting for a particular keyword but also the composite number of competitors to fight with.

They must be using some on-page optimization techniques. Make sure you get a note of them and think how you can apply them to make your site perform better.

  • Prepare Best Title And Meta Description Tag

Both title and meta description tag still play an important role as they are what that is displayed for your website in results. Akin to headline and copy’s role for AdWords ad, relevant title and meta description tag is a must-have for increasing click-through rate in organic search results.

Most of the users decide whether to open the site or not while looking at the tile and Meta. Create and foolproof them to get a better response for your site.

  • Create a Google My Business Page

Empower your web presence with Google My Business page. It is the best way to equip searchers with your firm’s name, address and business hours- usually the most sought information about any company. It is very important for augmenting your visibility in search. After doing the formalities of verification, your listing may get approved. Post listing you can put in serious efforts to add a presentable and detailed description of your business. Having an address that matches to other local listings, displaying the right business hours, real photos of your staff and you, giving the local phone number are some more essential elements of GMB page. It may seem to be a simple step but don’t ignore its importance because it goes very well with local SEO.

4. Stay Consistent With N.A.P

Making it to the good books of Google is mandatory to score high in SERPs. Winning trust of the giant search engine is not possible without maintaining consistence with N.A.P i.e. name, address and phone number of your business.

It is important to maintain consistency with little details like spellings, if you use “street” at one place and “St.” at other it might not go well with search results. Add your address at all possible and trusted sites like Yelp, LinkedIn, Yellow Pages, etc. to instill trust of search engines in your business.

  • Climb On Citations

Rising high on SERPs becomes achievable with citations. Reference of your company on some other site is citation. It is different from a backlink, as a link is not there in citation.

Getting higher number of citations than other businesses can gain you higher rank. This also benefits you with better presence. Being a lawyer you can take leverage of legal directories for the very purpose but you need to ensure that the information is identical with that of given on your site.

  • Ask For More Client Reviews

Legal consumers pay heed to the way you handle your reviews. It is therefore, necessary to ensure that no reviews remain unattended. Take out time to respond to them on a regular basis.

Google gets really impressed with positive and authentic online customer reviews. Of course, you have to start with Google reviews for that. If you have a Facebook page of your law firm you can post some positive reviews there too to grab eyeballs towards your services.

  • Obtain Backlinks from Local Sites

It is always useful to share customers with unrelated businesses. Putting it in simple words, you can share clients with other businesses provided two of you are not competitors.

One fine way to do so is acquiring backlinks from relevant local sites. By relevant it does not mean they have to be in your direct competition. Use of paper and pen go hand in hand but are manufacturers of these two in competition with each other? Of course, not.

Mind the fact that quantity does not matter more than having high-quality backlinks from local businesses. One backlink from an authority site has more weightage than 50 links from low-profile websites.

  • Add Structured Data Markup

Famously known as schema markup, it helps Google and other engines to develop a better understanding about your business. Adding schema markup to your site, you don’t only get differentiated from others but also rank higher than them.

  • Work Around Local Keywords

To gain geographical advantage it is critically important to go strong with local keywords.

When optimizing your law firm SEO website, you have to use local keywords so that Google has a fair idea about the location you’re targeting. Different places to incorporate keywords include title, H1 tag, different content pages, URL, alt tags. Remember to refrain yourself from keyword stuffing.

Bottom Line

When you start with law firm SEO, it may appear some hard work and lot of determination but as soon as things fall into place it will come easier. Best SEO company USA can help you concentrate on your clients with making flow of clients their responsibility.

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