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20% of purchase failures are the result of unclear or lack of product information. NO, we are not saying this but e-commerce studies are. There are few products that generate sales with just a picture and title. So, what is the real game all about? Well, the goal is explaining what a particular product does […]

Are you wondering why your content ain’t ranking even when it is flawless? Take a look at the very common SEO errors made by bloggers and content marketers which are the reasons behind. Digital marketing landscape has evolved drastically during the last two decades. Between Google’s consistently changing algorithm and the misinformation that floats through the digital […]

Two years back, Google officially announced that switching your website to HTTPS could give a minor ranking boost. No wonder Google has taken a strict stance to protect the privacy of their consumers. And ever since the tide has been turning, the marketers have gone into frenzy. More and more websites are switching from HTTP […]