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Not many days before, Google has released a new algorithm update and it has taken world of SEO by storm. It has been funnily named as “FRED” by them, some love it and some hate it. Whatever, it is going to be there for long. It has made rankings of many websites to drop drastically. […]

Two years back, Google officially announced that switching your website to HTTPS could give a minor ranking boost. No wonder Google has taken a strict stance to protect the privacy of their consumers. And ever since the tide has been turning, the marketers have gone into frenzy. More and more websites are switching from HTTP […]

Are you facing some changes with your local search rankings on Google? Are you wondering about the variations in the search results? Well, if yes, it’s important to know that this is due to the latest Google Algorithm, ‘Possum’, which has created a 360 degree impact on the businesses. As a result, local search results […]