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Search engine optimization or SEO is one very important tool that helps a website gain global visibility along with online recognition. Without it, a website can’t make it in the search results no matter how beautiful its design is. However, SEO has its own set of rules and needs to be done in the right […]

SEO Ninja, the leaders of digital marketing world who are best known for giving businesses a facelift has something exciting this Halloween. This surprise is mind-boggling for businesses that dream to reach levels of success smartly. Can’t wait to unveil it? Well, get 10% discount on SEO and SMO services from October 25, 2016 to […]

Two years back, Google officially announced that switching your website to HTTPS could give a minor ranking boost. No wonder Google has taken a strict stance to protect the privacy of their consumers. And ever since the tide has been turning, the marketers have gone into frenzy. More and more websites are switching from HTTP […]