The Highlights Of Trend And Techniques in PPC in 2017

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Marketing, especially Digital Marketing is never a boring task for people with active brain and eye on technology. There is huge scope of testing and experimenting with different strategies to make it work and score high in SERPs also convert the clicks into sales. To correctly portray what digital marketing has come to, let’s read through the exact words of Mike Moran, “Search marketing, and most Internet marketing in fact, can be very threatening because there are no rules. There’s no safe haven. To do it right, you need to be willing to be wrong. But search marketing done right is all about being wrong. Experimentation is the only way.”

If you are wondering how can you be in front of the game, then you know it, learn what is new in the market and don’t be afraid of failing. If you’ll play safe then it won’t take you any further. So is the development in advertisement marketing is. Let’s check out the latest and newest trend and techniques to put you back in competition:


Google Adwords are the weapon for Marketers

This is the most useful advertising tool that Google has given to its marketers. One has to bid for a position on the screen which is determined by Ad rank that is the multiplication of Maximum bid and your quality score. The most important work for the bidders is to bid on keywords smartly so that they could rank higher.


Use of tools like RLSA to shout out to target audience

Every expert summons to work for their target audience because that is where you can get the maximum sales done in shorter time and lesser efforts. However, many newbies run all around without utilizing the power of tools like RLSA, Remarketing List for Search Ads. This tool allows the marketers to customize their list of audience as per their previous purchases. RLSA will only focus on the list it created and increase the conversion rate.


Make smart use of PPC Tools

Websites aiming to manage your Pay Per Click are important to maintain your steady growth. Adword Editor, Optmyzr, Wordstream advisor, Google Trend, Spyfu, iSpionage and many more PPC research tools can change your game overnight. These will not only assist you to know where to bid but also let you know your competitors status. After all, you must keep an account of what goes the other side as well.


The new in town, Google’s Expand Text Ads

Text ads have been in market from a long time but due to their not so appealing format, they were not getting many clicks. So, to change the format and make it more interesting for many to connect with Ad’s content, Google now allows the advertisers to create a 140 characters ad story which is double the size of what it was earlier. Put your website’s extension in the ad and let the traffic flood into your website. Although, traffic is not the solution to convert sales but that’s where the trick lies. Experiment with catchy headings, product development and appealing deals so that customers are all in for it!


Video Ads Campaigns

The trend that has been since 2015, will be the biggest chunk in advertising industry as it is coming to the heights of creative utilization. The investment made in Video Ads for building up ad story videos, explainer videos, shopping videos, live videos and many other new formats are going higher as per the time. If you haven’t tried it yet, then give it a shot to see sudden upsurge in your sale. The benefit is in gaining the customer’s trust while they get friendly and informed with the product and services. To state an example, Google’s Play Store has given its users an opportunity to test and try an app through demo or video ad before they think to buy it. The best part is, mediocre and unworthy apps will not stand in competition for long.

There is no stop to make use of these marketing strategies and excel in putting your brand name forward. The more creative you get in your ways, the more brighter you’ll shine on search engines.

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