Unveil The Upcoming SEO Trends To Boost Your SERP Ranking In 2017

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2016 is on its way to go and 2017 is all set to bang on. As every year brings with it certain changes, few changes are on its way to make their way this New Year. Every business depends on SEO for its brand’s recognition, improved search engine rankings and strong customer base. If you are looking for search engine optimization success strategies for the coming year, read out the below given useful tips.

  1. Voice Search Is The Next Big Thing

Voice search has become one of the hottest trends in search marketing nowadays. As almost all the smart phone devices are designed with this feature, voice search has spread its wings phenomenally. Latest observations clearly state that more than 35 percent adults and more than 50% youngsters use the function at least once a single day. Moving on to teens, almost 55 percent of them rely on voice search. The convenience, ease, flexibility and accuracy it offers, is pulling more and more users towards it, making them tech-savvy.



  1. Watch Out For AMP, The New Favorite Of Search Engines

Every minute, every second, infinite users’ access search engines through their mobile phone. Popular search engines are well-aware about this fact. For this reason, websites that are there on the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) protocol are already getting the best benefits and visibility on search engines indexing.

Important thing to note is that sites that take more than 10 seconds to load attract minimum visitors and experience maximum bounce rate. On the other hand, sites that load within 2-3 seconds attract good traffic.

Accelerated Mobile Pages


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  1. Video Content Will Replace Lengthy Content Like A Pro

Search engines have always stressed on information factor to index websites. However, audience is changing with time and losing interest in stretched information. Blaming video sites for this won’t be wrong, as they focus on conveying the message through video and minimum content. This strategy has worked for them by generating increased audience base.

Audience has accepted this change and hence, video content is going to become the viral trend soon. Search engines will make necessary modifications, giving more importance to visuals.
Content Strategy

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  1. HTTP Tag Will Decide How Secure A Site Is

Secure sites will rule the hearts of search engines very soon. Website with HTTPs tag will serve as the ranking factor. In other words, sites without the tag will experience less prominence. Reason behind this is user’s ideology which states that they feel safe when their referred sites have the HTTP tag.

No matter how impressive website design is, how catchy the content is and how well the technicalities are maintained, everything is useless if this tag is lacking. Moving sites to secured domain is going to be the factor behind improved SERP ranking.

Website with HTTPs tag


  1. Social Content Is All Set To Emerge As The New SEO Strategy

It has been noticed that when users search for any brand in a search engine, its social media shows up in the first two results. This shows that audience prefers social content more than other content. It won’t be any surprise seeing this fact emerging as the ranking reason in the coming time. Overall, besides focusing on the SEO priorities, businesses need to focus on social posts to top the search engine results.
social media

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Last but not the least; while moving into the new calendar year, make sure paying enough attention to the latest would-be trends and advancements in the vast world of SEO.

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