Predictions For Popular Video Marketing Trends In 2017

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New Year will knock the doors anytime from now. When the whole world is getting prepared for parties, it is time for you to look out for the enticing trends that will be in action for the expansion. Video marketing itself is a dynamic sector; the improved mobile technology has opened up new world of possibilities making it even more promising. It was always there and it will be there for long in the market. To leave behind your competition you need to accelerate in video marketing strategies.

Certain revelations contextual will help you to understand the vitality of video marketing:

  • Reportedly, watching video comprises of one-third of all online activities.
  • On an average, a user is exposed to 32.3 videos on monthly basis.
  • 3/4th of online video viewers interact with online video ad in the current month.
  • About 36% of the population of online consumers trusts video ads.

It is evidently proved that video has a strong grip on the market and it is not going to loosen up, not at least for some time yet.

Below is the compiled list of the trends that will be in fashion in the coming year:

  1. Rise In Number Of 360 Degrees Videos On Facebook – Text posts are on a decline and more of videos are gaining the attention of internet users. Interestingly, the 360 Degrees view is far more attractive to the viewers when compared to non-360 degrees videos. In the New Year, Facebook will see lot more of uploading and sharing videos. Sales teams are investing a great deal of time in 360 degrees videos as it is imparting a real time feel of product to their consumers and business is actually expanding.


360 degree videos

  1. Videos On Different Platforms – A user has a tendency to keep himself occupied in different forms at the same time. An individual who watches a video on youtube on phone can be watching TV at the same time. You should be floating one video ad at all the possible mediums so that to have a better reach to your target audience. Multi-channel marketing is trending and it will grow further in the New Year, especially social media will be the favorite platform of brands to launch new products and services.

videos on different platforms

  1. More Of Audience Engagement In Youtube – As a marketer, you cannot afford to miss out youtube If you are already not into it, head start right ahead. Youtube videos are most seen by users, they are not only popular but they are influential too. They are known to create a deeper impact in user’s mind. While it is the interest area of any age group, still there is great following by the teenagers when compared to the adults.

Audience Engagement

  1. Short Lived Content – Temporary live video content is astonishingly growing in the form of Snapchat and Instagram. While most of the content marketing is done in the form of blogging videos. You should have no reason to question the short life of content owing to the success of Snapchat that has crossed the millions figure.

short lived content

  1. Live Videos Will Get You Going – Video marketing is renowned for a simple reason that consumers like watching them. They are much more engaging than text posts. When live streaming is getting an enormous response are you ready to incorporate it into your business tactics? You can give an exclusive sneak peek of the business plans that you are going to launch in near future. This will help your business get due attention from the target audience as it will be a hot topic.

live videos

  1. Narration Of Stories Through Videos – Storytelling has been a consistent mode of communication from yesteryears. Narrating stories through videos will bring up the excitement, curiosity, and motivation in your target audience. Stories are best in leaving an impact and message, your marketing teams can work closely with the designing team to create impressive videos as you are playing with the process of your prospects. They create memorable experiences if handled correctly. You can inculcate the case studies and testimonials in video format.

narration of videos

  1. Email And Video Together Are Best – Often marketers treat email and video as enemies. If you take a step back and rethink about them, they make a great team to get you more business. Sending emails with video links will benefit you two ways. It will help you keep your mail content less and relevant. And videos will be reaching to more of people and that too quite conveniently, as they are already there in your mailing list.

Email And Videos

In the business world, it is now or never. Mere survival in the competitive world will not take you anywhere. If you want to be on the top, bank on developing video marketing strategies as they make a prominent player in the marketing world.

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