Your Guide To Make Quality Backlinks In 2018

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Backlinks are the driving force behind every SEO campaign that is successful. With hundreds of successful campaigns out there, what works and what dies is something we know.

Keeping hopes high in 2018, here we are with an in-depth discussion on building backlinks in 2018. Each and every strategy explained is battle tested.


The backlink is created when an external site links to yours. In action, it looks like a big chunk of the ranking puzzle. Before getting into large-scale link building strategy, make sure your website is ready for backlinks.


Here is the ugly truth about link acquisition:

Link acquisition is not only expensive but time taking too. Tackling these issues is possible by following the below-given approach:

  • Have a technically optimized site
  • Create valuable content
  • Aim for a strong site architecture

Understanding Backlinks

Before rolling on to link acquisition, cover these basics:

1. Fix Technical Errors

Fix Technical Errors

Technical faults interfere with user experience, which makes Google limit your organic traffic. Keeping away from speeding through this thing is the first thing to focus on.

You must treat SEO as a puzzle and you can’t complete it if you don’t have all the pieces. One of the crucial pieces of the puzzle is ensuring the site is technically optimized.

Look for the below-given glitches:

  • Site loading speed
  • 302 redirects
  • Incorrect uses of directives
  • Canonical errors
  • Duplicate content
  • 404 errors
  • Mobile friendliness
  • Duplicate META data
  • Redirect chains

2. Focus on Strong Site Architecture

Focus On Strong Site

Site architecture refers to the way how link equity distributes throughout the website. The good the architecture is the less need of Backlinks. If using a content-driven SEO approach, the reverse silo is recommended because it is a natural way to build site authority.

3. Produce Valuable Content

Valuable Content

Content is not just the last but the most vital piece of the puzzle. Content strategy holds the power to make or break the SEO campaign.

Taking content lightly is that mistake which you can’t cover even if you have excess backlinks or your site is optimized.


The conclusionRisk Tolerance

Are you interested in using risky tactics? Are you risk averse and aiming for a clean approach to decrease penalty?
If we talk about 2 years back, nailing a new website with PBN backlinks and making it rank within a month was way easy. However, Google caught this and introduced a sandbox that is all about holding new websites back.

The conclusion

Earlier: Get a site ranked within a month with PBN backlinks.
Now: The effects of PBN backlinks will show up in two to three months.

Today, we are far away from PBN backlinks not because they take longer but because time and financial investment aren’t worth now as it was 2 years ago.
2018 needs to be used for building relevant backlinks from real websites. It will avoid penalties and generate long-term results.


Sticking to these rules will boost your organic traffic every month.

1. Keep it relevant


As obvious, relevancy is the essential criteria for fruitful link acquisition. Google’s relevancy is based on following three things:

1. General content or theme of the linking domain.
2. Content on the linking page.
3. Relevancy of the backlinks that hit the domain.


  • Link opportunities are valuable even if they don’t have Topical Trust Flow Topic relevancy.
  • Evaluate opportunities beyond third party metrics.

2. Befriend authority sites

Authority Sites

The powerful the site, the better the results. As Google is not into updating PageRank anymore; hence, you got to depend on third-party metrics. Though third-party tools aren’t flawless, they do the job.

3. Focus on real websites

Real Website

Backlinks from sites that ave real traffic is an impeccable way to solidify the tier one. Yes, these backlinks are hard to get but they are most rewarding. Estimating accurate traffic of a site without their analytics is not possible; hence, you must use SEM Rush.

4. Distribute anchor text wisely

Anchor Text

Distributing backlink anchor text carelessly hurts in two ways.First, wrong anchor text distribution stops the site from ranking. Second, aggressive text leads to the penalty.

Keep the exact match anchor text below 1%. Make the sure majority of the anchor text is either branded or naked link anchors.

5. Keep backlinks in clean neighborhoods

Backlinks Clean

Backlinks from websites with standards are the best ones; hence, concentrate on them. Don’t let the link connect with scammy industries.

Carefully check every prospective site to ask:

  • What are they linking to?
  • Whether the outbound links are relevant?
  • Whether the outbound links will be valued?


Some backlinks are good on your site. Using them increases the risk of a penalty, as they lead to a manual or algorithmic penalty.

Everything that’s irrelevant

Tier one needs to be a wall of relevancy that surrounds a website. Each and every link must be relevant.

Public networks

You are free to visit any SEO forum and purchase backlinks on public networks. Such networks advertise their service as private blog networks but that is a lie.

When a network is advertised, it is not considered private. This is because it goes out of its way to blow public networks through Google’s short history. After that, they destroy every site that uses these networks.

Google easily spots these networks because:

  • There’s huge amount of outbound links on the homepage: Real websites don’t have a large number of outbound links on their homepage.
  • Outbound links are irrelevant to each other: There are links that redirect to SEO sites, gambling sites, health sites, etc. There ain’t any sense to it.
  • Content for each post is thin: Google’s Panda algorithm his against thin content.

Run but forget hiding: Certain networks block crawlers; however, it’s a footprint. Then there are networks that don’t block crawlers. These are reported to Google and the situation turns tricky.

Follow blog comments

Blog Comments

These are the cheapest backlinks that you can purchase. Also, they are best as far as landing a penalty is concerned.

Sidebar, Footer Backlinks

Sidebar and footer backlinks work but are risky. Talking about standalone links, they seem to be paid and everyone knows how Google treats them.
Vendors selling high authority backlinks also sell them to other sites. Majority of these sites are irrelevant to yours because vendors turn down money.


Obviously, you don’t want your link to live neither with irrelevant nor with “bad neighborhood” links.
Sidebar/footer backlinks: They are site-wide links, which is why your site can be destroyed if a keyword-rich anchor text is used.

Automated Backlinks

Automated Backlinks

Avoid automated link building tools on tier one. There are certain software leverage spammed platforms that lead to the penalty. Hence, avoid links that can result in the plague.


There’s so much to discover about building links in 2018.

  • 4 Quick Ways to Expand Site’s Authority.
  • Building “Foundational” Backlinks.
  • Power Backlinks.
  • Grey Hat Backlinks.
  • Earning Backlinks.

Learn them all in our next blog scheduled for coming FRIDAY and earn incredible benefits that will boost your business phenomenally.

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